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Zambia Referendum Vs British Referendum

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The British just held their referendum, & the referendum question was as follows:

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

Zambia too will holding a referendum in August 2016, & the referendum question is as follows:

“Do you agree to the amendment to the Constitution to enhance the Bill of rights contained in Part III of the Constitution of Zambia and to repeal and replace Article 79 of the Constitution of Zambia?”

My suspicion is if the UK referendum question was to have been drafted by the ECZ it would have read as follows:

“Do you agree to the proposal for the United Kingdom, comprising of Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, to discontinue being part of the European Union, EU as defined by the EU protocols of membership or continue being part of it and therefore have immigrants from other European countries taking up British jobs or we should make Britain again in which part would imply possibly leaving the EU if over 50% vote no?”

And why Zambia, why?

MacDonald Chipenzi


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