Zambia has lost a real human being – Minister

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The late Chileshe and his wife

Southeast province Minister Edify Hamukale has given a deep eulogy to John Chileshe who died in a road accident this week.

Dr Hamukale says, ‘I am not even half his worth.’

The late Chileshe died with his wife and two of his family members in Nyimba of Eastern province.

Below is Dr Hamukale’s eulogy:

Mr John Chileshe who died in a road accident with three members of his family in Nyimba (Zambia) is huge loss to humanity and Zambia.

He is one of the three most genuine, non hypocritical and complete human persons that i have met so far in my entire life. I mean what i am saying.

I am not even half his worth. Even his silence spoke the truth all the time. Just ten of his kind in any community can be the reason for peace, love sincerity, integrity and all manner of good societal norms

In his prime we have lost him.

If he was Jesus;s disciple he would be better than Peter in the measure of sincerity and completeness of character. In Zambia he was in the top 0.001% of the most patriotic and reliable citizens within the upper quarter or statistical quartile of the population pyramid.



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