Zambia has collapsed under PF- Kabimba

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Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba

Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba has charged that Zambia has collapsed under the leadership of the Patriotic Front.

Mr Kabimba said Zambia has witnessed a sharp drop on all development indicators under the current PF leadership.

Mr Kabimba was speaking when he featured on a live Hot Seat radio program on Hot FM.

He cited the fuel supply challenges, challenges in the education and health sector and poor governance as some of the indicators that Zambia is now in reverse.

‘It is not only me who thinks the country has collapsed, even a common person out there can feel it. Zambia has collapsed,’ he said.

‘There is no fuel in the country, I was not even sure if I will get here not because I don’t have money but because there is no fuel,’ Mr Kabimba said.

The Rainbow Party leader said the country’s medical care system has also collapsed leaving millions of poor and sick Zambians stranded.

‘If I fell sick today, there is no health care, there are no medicines in hospital, the health care system has collapsed, when leaders like Ministers and the President fall sick, they are evacuated to South Africa, India or Pakistan but Kenneth Kaunda used to go to UTH every beginning of the year.

Kenneth Kaunda was admitted to UTH for his annual medical check up. He went to UTH because he invested in quality health care since he knew that was the same hospital he was subjected to as Head of State, that is not the case today,’ he lamented.

Mr Kabimba also labeled standards in the education sector as shoddy.

“Education sector has also collapsed, yesterday I was talking to a Lecturer and he told that he has over 200 students in his class, how do have a lecturer of 1,00 students? The school I attended was 35 and it was even considered too high. How do you hope to produce students from that group who will fundamentally contribute to the development t of this country?”

He added, “When the Minister of Education of announcing Grade 7 and 9 results, listen to the percentages of children being sent into the streets, rejected by the education system, how are we planning for those children?”

Mr Kabimba continued, “And then you have a problem of early child marriages, what else do these kids do? We are treating the symptoms and not the causes. For Gods sake, this thing of thinking the donors can come here and give us pamphlets on early marriages and you form a ka ma NGO here, can we get serious?”

He said Zambia has lost its development path under the PF because the party has allegedly lost direction.

“The issue is that this society is rejecting children at an early age, we didn’t have early marriages in our time because we spent time in school. Can we get down to serous issues instead of parroting what other societies do? You cannot find early marriages in developed countries or even here in well to do families, there are no early marriages, they send their children out of the country so they do not want to invest in the education system, again this is leadership failure.”

He stated that the Kaunda administration invested in the educations system of this country and provided free education and free medical care.

“We had a better life expectancy under Kenneth Kaunda but what did we do, we kicked him out and privatized state parastatals.’

He said, “In 1991, as this country was in a frenzy about MMD, I didn’t vote for MMD, I was a council employee then and I voted for UNIP. I never had faith in the MMD and I never had faith in that group of people in the MMD and am glad my judgment at that time was right and it is still right today.”

On the allegations of corruption in the oil sector, Mr Kabimba reiterated that the Zambian fuel procurement sector is riddled with corruption.

“I chaired the ERB Inquiry in 2012 so I know what happens in the fuel procurement system in this country, am surprised that the government has not bothered to release that report or acted on it. There is a lot that needs to be done within the oil procurement system. There are a lot of middlemen benefitting from that system.”

He added, “This is the tragedy of Africa. You entrust power in a group of a few people, men and women and all they do is spend time lining their pockets. I am not been malicious here or trying to malign anyone. I am crying for Zambia.”

The Rainbow Party leader has also distanced himself from allegations that he personally benefited from the oil supply deal with Trafigura International.

“This is a myth, there is no connection between Midland Energy Ltd and Trafigura, Liquefied Gas. I don’t even know what Trafigura deals in. The gas you see in cylinders, that was what it was dealing in. The people linking the two are just misleading the public,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said, “This matter went to the ACC and they came and got a statement from me and they made a public statement that I was not linked to Trafigura and Trafigura themselves have made a statement which in on record that they have never dealt with Kabimba. Can we try to be historical and factual?”


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