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Zambia Eye launches Social Issues Section

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Zambian Eye has decided to launch a Page on the Website dedicated to cater for Social Issues following demands from its fast growing readership.

The Page called Advise Corner will seek to address and answer to the challenges of everyday life. A variety of life’s issues, that is: marriage problems, gender related issues, love related, parentage, drug abuse, family problems, adolescence behavioral challenges and all.

It will also discuss all those challenges brought about by the rapidly changing society, of modernity and industrialization.

Further, it will give advice on those issues fairly and impartially and will at all times maintain and observe confidentiality. It will help in the search for solutions and provide them when they are known and all the time, free of charge!

Zambian Eye founding Editor Owen Miyanza said there has been growing demands by the followers of the country’s fast growing media.

“We are merely responding to the demands of our readers who need this section on our site,” Miyanza explained. “We have a large following, on average now we are getting 20 000 visitors everyday and the number is growing so there is need to maintain this readership achieving that we have to provide what they want.”

He says Zambian Eye has assembled a team of experienced competent team capable of handling any social issue.

“So please feel free to contact any of our members of the team who shall handle your issues with confidentiality,”  said Miyanza.

Social Issues Team and contacts:

  • Aunt Prudence via email:
  • Aunt Chimuka Moono Hanyama via email:
  • Uncle Joseph Nkonde via email:
  • Patricia Banda via email

Visit the Page:



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