Zambia Breweries to be taken to court for plagiarism and theft of intellectual property

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ZAMBIA Breweries has been dragged to court for plagiarism and theft of intellectual property by Legate Media.

According to a statement made available to the Zambian Eye by Legate Media, company Chief Executive Officer and Producer Mitchell Kangabala said his institution is the owner of the first-ever Zambian Music Video Awards dubbed Zed VMA.

“Legate Media who are the initiators of the first-ever Zambian Music Video Awards dubbed Zed VMAs have decided to take Zambian Breweries
PLC and National Arts Council of Zambia to court over plagiarism and theft of intellectual property,” said Kangabala.
“Meetings were held in April and June this year. However, after putting their signature to the Zed VMAs, they decided to go behind our
back with Zambian Breweries. They just removed the word ‘Video’ and called it Zambian Music Awards (ZAMA) instead,’ she complained.
Zambian Music Video Awards is an umbrella term which covers all forms of music videos in the country.

The event was scheduled to take place on Friday, December 14 at Lusaka’s New Government Complex. Kangabala said that it was surprising that after NAC made particular demands to have the event standardized betrayed the initiators.

“All demands were met. Thereafter, NAC pledged fully fledged support. It was further arranged that NACZ would be given some sort of
appreciation if they would go as far as helping out getting sponsorship towards the event. Zambian Breweries in association have since been advertising the event on the local media from the first week of November, this year,” he said.

Kangabala wrote to Zambian Breweries in a letter dated 15th November, 2012 giving them 7 days in which to respond to the concerns raised and copies of the same letters were copied to NAC as well as the Zambian Association of Musicians (ZAM) who also endorsed the Zed VMAs earlier this year. He said despite several reminders Zambia Breweries have ignored the plea, hence dragging the company to court.
But Zambia Breweries [ZB] has described the allegations of plagiarising of intellectual property leveled against the company by Legate Media as contemptuous.

In a letter to Legate Media dated 10th December 2012 and made available to the Zambian Eye, ZB Company Secretary Mwansa Mutimushi
stated that the allegations were preposterous and were meant to demean a company that had taken careful consideration in building its reputation.

Mutimushi has since demanded for an apology failure to which legal proceedings against legate will be instituted.


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