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Zambeef’s ‘E18hteam’ heads to Southern Province

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Slap Dee performs at the Zambeef e18hteam roadshow in Livingstone

Slap Dee performs at the Zambeef e18hteam roadshow in Livingstone

Zambeef’s “In Your Town” e18hteam movie headed to Southern Province this weekend, reaching Choma and Livingstone in a football-filled celebration that attracted large crowds..

“We’ve made it to town number six and seven now and still going strong. We remain committed to our goal to see that the movie is shown to as many Zambians as possible because only we can really and truly appreciate where we are coming from as a football loving nation,” said Zambeef Joint Chief Executive Officer Carl Irwin.

The film has so far been seen in Kabwe, Chingola, Kitwe, Kaoma, Mongu and most recently Choma and Livingstone.

Zambeef’s e18hteam tour will reach Chipata on August 29 and Mansa on September 5 and will be shown in Lusaka on August 24 at Freshview cinema in Manda Hill during the Barefeet Festival.P1000821

“This tour set out with a simple mandate; to show the e18team for free. But we discovered along the way that every town we went to had its own character and personality; and their ways of celebrating something differed slightly. We thought we were going there to show the movie and that was it, but we also ended up learning just a little bit more of the towns and its residents than before. Needless to say, no matter where we went, we can safely say football is something that everyone relates to,” said Mr Irwin.

The crowds were entertained with various other performances before the main show. The local Zambeef outlet also generously gifted a few lucky patrons with Zambeef products.

Zambeef remains an avid supporter of the game sponsoring teams playing in various leagues and at community level that have groomed footballers at the grassroots such as AFCON 2012 squad member James Chamanga.

Zambeef’s own Zamleather division makes the popular Kaleza Z-12 model leather football boots, the first of its kind to be locally designed and manufactured in Zambia. It is also home to the Alive & Kicking employment-generation project, which makes quality leather soccer balls that carry health messages and are distributed to under-privileged teams nationwide.


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