Zaloumis survives jail for failure to answer questions in court

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As the court battle for the soul of the MMD between two rival factions rages on, national secretary of the Nevers Mumba faction Winnie Zaloumis today survived a seven day incarceration after she unreservedly apologised and backtracked on her earlier decision to refuse to answer questions in Court despite her being the key witness.

Earlier in the morning Lusaka High Court Judge Sharon Newa reserved ruling for 14:00 hours on an application to have Dr Mumba’s main witness Zaloumis sent to jail for seven days for failing to answer questions in court.

Zaloumis had failed to tell the court how Rueben Sambo, Elizabeth Chitika and herself arrived at being MMD national secretary in the last two years from March 14 to date, contrary to the MMD constitution that states that they be elected at a convention.

Zaloumis refused to answer when she was asked to tell the court when Elizabeth Chitika became MMD’s National Secretary to which she responded “I choose not to answer.”

During cross examination Wednesday afternoon, Zaloumis apologised for not answering and said she would answer all the questions.

Judge Newa ruled in favor of the application by Felix Mutati’s lawyers then reprimanded Zaloumis.

Meanwhile, Mutati’s national secretary Raphael Nakacinda said the leadership of the party cannot be won in the courts but by approval from the membership through a convention.

Nakacinda said the lies that have been taken to court by Nevers Mumba and Winnie Zaloumis will soon come to an end because you don’t take lies to the court.

He told scores of supporters who had come to offer solidarity to Mutati that because of taking lies to court, Zaloumis’s mouth had gone dry because she could not tell lies to the Judge.

He said the membership should not allow any individual to manipulate a democratic process to suit their personal interests because that would kill the democracy of the country.

He said the only party in the country which was democratic was their party which regularly holds conventions to usher in leaders as per their constitutional mandate.

As Nakacinda addressed hundreds of cadres who were clad in the latest party regalia with the name of Felix Mutati on the Chitenges at High Court Grounds, Nevers Mumba could only watch from the entrance of the High Court where he was standing at the court entrance with a handful of relatives who had accompanied him to the court.

Trial continues as the matter has been adjourned to November 29.


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