ZAFFICO: The pride of the Copperbelt!

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I’m on the Copperbelt right now on a fault finding mission on the selling of ZAFFICO and the impact it has on saw millers and the local people in general.

It will be the most “stupid” decisions for govt to temper with ZAFFICO in anyway.

The nation need to be told truth, ZAFFICO is one of the govt companies making profits as compared to Zesco and other govt companies. This is evident that no company can be listed on Lusaka stock exchange if its been making losses for the past 3 years.

It is a well known fact whether the selling of shares will be restricted to locals in the Inertial Public Offer (IPO) but in no time it will still end up in the hands of Chinese in the secondary offer with majority share holdings.

The tress which are been harvested now were planted some 40 years ago under UNIP era
,but why selling it now when it has more benefits?.

ZAFFICO currently is offering more jobs both direct and indirect for the people of Copperbelt than the mines who are making billions of dollars only for the benefits of foreigners. In short ZAFFICO is Pride of the Copperbelt.

Looking at the benefits derived from the timber industry, Copperbelt is not worth called Copperbelt but Timberbelt. ZAFFICO is a source of livelihood for the locals and they vowed to defend ZAFFICO at all cost and they don’t need anyone to tell or incite them to riot.

It is also believed that the greatest enemy to our resources is the Chinese and the rate at which the Chinese are coming into this Country is worrisome. I understand our leaders cannot resist Chinese bribes.

If we are not careful as a country in the next 2 years will be out numbered by the Chinese in terms of population. In every 3 to 4 cars that your see on our roads they is a Chinese driving a corolla.

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party (RRP).


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