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Lt Gen Chimese

Lt Gen Chimese

Once again we are seeing the Zambian Air Force interfering with our campaigning schedule after cancelling our flying permit to Luapula at late notice with the sole intention of disrupting our rallies, draining our resources and further fanning the tensions on the ground being felt across Zambia. The following airspace clearance certificate demonstrates the illegal and provocative behaviour we face. We have now lost a major rally plan.


The Zambian Air Force is funded by the tax payer and their role is to be neutral. Unfortunately senior officials within the Air Force, including Colonel Jere, are abusing their power, corrupting our society, and demolishing the public’s faith in democracy. It is time for them to go.


We have made it clear to these officials that they need not fear us when we come into power. We are not the tyrannical brutes that we see in the PF, we just want to do the best for our country, create jobs for our people and fix our broken economy. Colonel Jere and his thuggish tactics represent everything that is deplorable about PF’s regime, but we shall allow them to enjoy their retirement.


We call on all Zambians and all stakeholders to stand steady and resolute. If PF think they will frustrate us, they are in for a shock. We are not relenting, if it means us traversing Luapula on bicycles to spread our message of hope, we shall do just that.


Dipak Patel

Campaign Manager


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