Youths and politics

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Youths of today pick a side before they introspect and figure our what is good for them and what is society’s common goal. As a youth what is your career route and which leader believes in your career and inspires it? What is good for your society and which leader puts the interest of society before himself? Youths should never give up on their power and resourcefulness. It is not belonging to a side that counts, its belonging to the right side, a side that respects and upholds your interest and that of society. A side that wont abuse youth to be popular. A side that is interested in the nation prospering more than their popularity. Youth should never waste time in pitting themselves against the one another, they are not enemies, the real enemy is poverty, corruption and injustice. You shouldn’t adore politicians but you should listen to them. You don’t have to like a politician because a politician’s job is to be likable and they can deceive you and brand themselves with sheep’s skin for that. You just have to listen, make informed judgments and pick those that serve your interests. A leader may not inspire you individually but might inspire society collectively. A leader must have the credibility and experience to set the right aspirations and goals and achieve them. That leader must engage his people, take responsibility and assure you because he believes in your ability. A leader must put his people first when it comes to opportunities and safety. That leader must not distinguish between one section of society and the other. Your job as a youth is not to be a fanatic to a politician, be an independent individual that a politician will have to sweat to convince and most importantly never, ever twerk for a politicians. Leave that to losers.

Richard W


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