‘Your Bill 10 is dead, file your nomination papers and meet me in court,’ Sangwa warns Lungu

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State Counsel John Sangwa says he is waiting for President Edgar Lungu to file in his nominations for the 2021 general elections, saying he doesn’t need to resort to a plan B now that bill 10 has fallen.

And Sangwa said the greatest credit should go to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his members of parliament for successfully blocking Bill 10 from passing.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the failure of Bill 10 to pass, after it failed to garner the two thirds majority, the same bill, whose one of the main goal was to remove legal challenges against people’s candidatures upon filing-in nominations, Sangwa maintained his stance to challenge President Lungu’s candidature should he dare file-in the nominations.

Sangwa has argued that the Republican Constitution bars the President from running for office having twice held office.

Sangwa was asked if the bill 10 failure had cleared any impediments towards achieving his goals. Responding, he said even if the bill had passed, he still had a plan B to fulfill his objective.

“I had a plan B, okay! So I had a plan B. I don’t need a plan B now. So now that the bill has collapsed I will proceed. My petition which I drafted pursuant to Article 52 still stands,” Sangwa said. “I just need to print it, sign it and date (it) ready for filing before court should Mr Lungu file in the nomination. I am waiting. I am waiting yah.”

Sangwa said it was a great day to be Zambian following the failure of the bill to pass, giving credit to Hichilema and his members of parliament.

“It’s a great day for Zambia. It’s a great day for our system of government because it shows that we are truly a multiparty system of government as opposed to a one party state. And our political system has worked and also I think the greatest credit should go to Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his MPs, okay in terms of his leadership for guiding his MPs,” said Sangwa.

“For MPs sticking to the party position. For respecting the position taken by the principles and ideals taken by the party, and I think that is the way a multiparty system of government is supposed to work.”

-Daily Revelation


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