You will one day be President, Mpezeni tells Nawakwi

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PARAMOUNT chief  Mpezeni of the Ngoni people says Forum for Democracy and Development  (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi will one time rule Zambia.

Chief Mpezeni who did not state when this will be,said  Ms Nawakwi knows politics and that she has been in the political system for a long time now dating back to when she served as minister of finance for the country.

Speaking when Ms Nawakwi paid a courtesy call on him at his palace the Paramount chief said  the opposition leader knew the work well, but that it is God who knows and will one day give her the chance to rule Zambia.

“I welcome you here at my chiefdom, be free to do your work.I know that you are a strong and visionary leader passionate about the welfare of people,” chief Mpezeni said.

And Ms Nawakwi said she is the only female candidate among ten men and was in the area to seek his blessing as she goes to meet electorates in different parts of the province.

Ms Nawakwi said for the past 50 years men have been at the helm of power and that it is now time for a woman leader because women have continued to suffer,

She said the country is rich and endowed with a lot of natural resources that can help develop the country but the resources have been mismanaged.

“In FDD, our focus is in decentralisation where power lies in the people to run their own affairs, we are also concentrating at ensuring that once we assume power, there us equal distribution of resources not where it is not focused in urban areas at the expense of the majority poor in rural areas,” Ms Nawakwi said.

She said the party is concentrating at changing the way the country is being managed by ensuring that people take part in the governance of the country.

And Ms Nawakwi said failure by the MMD and now PF to enact a constitution  which would allow the vice president to take over governance in an event that a republican president dies  is affecting  the smooth  operations of government because it is expensive.

“If the MMD then had taken time t change the constitution,  all these unexpected elections were not gong to happen,” she said.

Ms Nawakwi is in Eastern province seeking support from voters and will on Saturday proceed to Northern provinces where she will hold some campaigns.


8 Responses to You will one day be President, Mpezeni tells Nawakwi

  1. Yes one day but muliokela first then ms nawakwi

    January 1, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    • LOL, nice one. Happy new year

      January 1, 2015 at 5:30 pm

  2. Edgar Lungu (EL)’s camp is the thickest den of thieves, scumbags, liars, and corrupt crooks currently menacing the Zambian political arena. Like himself, all the people EL has surrounded himself with (the likes of Kambwili, Nsanda, etc), are just a pack of liars and thieving wolves with no moral fiber or integrity. This in itself speaks volume of EL’s character. Other than being good at hoodwinking violent lustrous PF cadres and blackmailing his fellow wolves and miscreants into job offerings if he wins, EL is not presidential material with no shred of bold leadership qualities to drive Zambia into economic prosperity. Voting for EL and his band of miscreants is tantamount to committing suicide, for te following among numerous reasons:

    a) EL is a perpetual drunkard – Similar to his mentor, Zambia surely does not need another embarrassing laughingstock on the international fora. We surely don’t want a President who will miss the UN session on account of being drunk the previous night or appearing on the UN podium in a drunken state.
    b) EL is a sickling – His healthy will be a costly liability to both himself and the GRZ budget. Do Zambians know how much Tax Payers’ money was spent on Sata’s medical bills while the country was retrogressing? EL & his family need to focus on nursing his healthy and going for beer-drinking therapy lessons.
    c) EL has no vision – He is clueless and has no developmental agenda for Zambia other than the devious scheme to satisfy his band of miscreants and sponsors who want to safe guard their jobs and loot at all costs.
    d) Like his mentor, EL is a pathological liar – He is an integral part of the mess Zambia is currently in. He is re-making fake promises while saying he intends to continue Sata’s vision and legacy. Every normal Zambian knows that Sata’s vision was enshrined on fake promises, lies, tribalism, nepotism, rascalism, corruption, etc.
    e) EL is a weakling – He lacks independent thinking/judgments and has no authoritative command over his band of miscreants. They actually own and control him. Having such a President who owes a lot of favors to numerous scums, like Nsanda, will be a danger to mother Zambia.
    f) EL has no independent professional achievements – Other than beer drinking, he has no tangible personal accomplishments or successes either as a lawyer, corporate worker, or business person. On the contrary, EL has a troubling history of swindling clients, inability to hold on to professional jobs, license seizures, etc. Assuming that such a person will bring economic prosperity to Zambia is day-dreaming and Zambians should desist from such day-mares.
    g) EL is a thug & has kaponya mentality – EL is among the top brass of the PF party that has a very troubling history of violence and brutality. The recent cadre violence at the instigation of EL are a clear testimony of what awaits Zambia if EL is voted into State House.
    h) EL is greedy and has blind loyalty – Normal Zambians should realize that the only reason Sata left EL the Presidential mantle to him is because of EL’s dependence syndrome and blind loyalty without question. It is not that he was the best, but actually the most foolish, greedy, and loyal one. Leave Kambwili as acting; he would have surely done his own things; probably even imposing a coup-detat on Sata himself. To save his own heinous skin, Sata had to delegate to EL whom he knew would loyally follow his orders. EL is greedy for accepting numerous senior and conflicting job portfolios just for the sake of milking numerous pay cheques, when he could have advised Sata otherwise. People, let us be serious, Defense & Justice ministry; isn’t there a conflict of interest somewhere here.

    January 1, 2015 at 6:21 pm

  3. Ba Chief has now become a prophet?

    Incognito P
    January 1, 2015 at 8:02 pm

  4. Historian, I totally agree if you. Zambian wake up

    John kabengele
    January 1, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    • Vodka is fearing to be asked at live debate how he is going to manage public resources if he could steal a poor clients money.This is stealing from citizens. At times i wonder how Zambians think. A well known and documented thieving lawyer who had his license suspended by a professional body LAZ can present himself for election and you are there praising him. Don’t we see something wrong with stealing? Im not accusing vodka Lungu that he is a thief. It is in public domain.Not my vote for thieves

      John Westwoood
      January 2, 2015 at 8:00 am

  5. Nawakwi Kuwaya Wayafye Ba Mpezeni Mwandi. Historian, Useless Thinking Mwana. I Cannt Even Finish Yo Trash. I See A Thug In You. A Thug Knows A Thug. Nipa Bwatooo Wooo!

    January 2, 2015 at 10:19 am

  6. @westwood, you talk about thieves. ask hh who sold ZCCM and at what price? and were did the money go? he is rich because of ZCCM money. hooo! poor john… just vote for Lungu. Efintu.

    January 2, 2015 at 10:37 am

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