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You have the best reasons to be happy

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Life is sometimes fun and at times it’s sad. Life changes like the weather, and we can either “go with the flow” or fight it.
As an individual, you must choose how best you want to treat it. But the best advice I can give you today is that you must always choose to be happy and always smile for goodness. Remember the more you smile, the more you increase your life span.
When I was still in high school, I learnt a lot from a Nigerian quote that states, “The oil of the Akoli people is not for rubbing shoulders with strangers” one of the lessons I got from this quote, is that it’s always good, when sad to show the whole world that you are sad because, sadness won’t do you any good but just reduce on your life span, always try to replace your sad face with a smile, you have all it takes to be happy.
Here with me are some of the reasons; I give to you on why you should always be happy;
1. Without life, you cannot feel love or give love. It is one of the greatest gifts of living.
2. In everything you do, always know that you are never alone. You have a God that loved you before you were born; he sustained your precious life the time you were bor. He cared and protected you till you reached maturity. In your pain and suffering, you are not alone. He has not forsaken you, he is always with you. All you need to do is not to purge him, but rather call him and he will answer. (Psalms 50 : 15)
3. You are unique, and no one else in the entire universe is just like you are, so why should you look down upon yourself. You will forever be you, always sweet and special in a special way.
So you see you have all it takes to be happy, always maintain a sweet smile on your face.
Until next time always be happy and God bless you.
By Priston


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