You can’t run a government using propaganda

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The Patriotic Front has not spared anyone in their blame game.

It is laughable to note that the PF government have been blaming God, nature and the UPND party for their own failures.

As if that is not enough,they have gone ahead and accused foreign diplomats of plotting to unseat the government.

We are not shocked by a statement made by the disgruntled PF cadre Kennedy Kamba that bus drivers in Lusaka have been sponsored by UPND to protest against the government.

We want to put it on record that, bus drivers have a constitutional right to protest if they feel there rights are being infringed by the PF cadres in markets and bus stations.

There’s nothing wrong with the bus drivers seeking help from the UPND party to stage a peaceful protest.

The UPND party believes in justice therefore, we shall not allow injustice to prevail

Markets and bus stations belong to the council and not pf cardres and because of this fact, we shall not allow injustice to prevail over justice.

We want to warn Kennedy Kamba and his minions that the ceremony is over, because we shall not allow continuity of lawlessness in the markets and bus stations.

No amount of threats or intimidation will stop citizens to fight for what is right.

We have made several demands to the pf government to remove PF cadres from markets but nothing has been done.

Just yesterday, a female UPND member was attacked at Intercity bus terminals for wearing a UPND t-shirt despite PF lying to the national that they have removed all cadres in markers and bus stations.

We are aware of continued harassment of bus drivers in all bus station and if the police do not move in quickly and bring this lawlessness to an end,we shall be left with no option but to unleash our Youths to conduct citizens arrest on these criminals.

It was shocking to hear Kennedy Kamba saying that,conducting a peaceful protest against the brutality by PF cadres in the markets and bus stations against the cadres is an embarrassment to government?

Now, the Question is, since when did cadres become government?

Iwe Kamba Kennedy you must know that all citizens have a right to a peaceful demonstration on any matter of concern.

It’s not our fault that you have failed to remove your fellow criminals in bus stations who are stealing from poor people trying earn a living.

We shall stand with the oppressed, we shall speak for the voiceless and we shall protect the vulnerable from criminals at all cost.

Our Country’s economy is in mess,but the only thing that our government knows is blaming the opposition and writing fake propaganda day in day out.

You can’t run a country on propaganda, PF should step aside so that we show them how to run country.

We appeal to well meaning members of the Patriotic Front to join the progressive, objective and development oriented United Party for National Development.

Yours in the service

Likando Mufalali
National youth chairman.


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