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You are also useless Mr. President, HH tells Sata

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Sata and HH

Sata and HH

Leader of the United Party for National Development (UPND) has charged that President MichealSata is useless, reports Zambian Eye Journalist in Lusaka.

Addressing the press Wednesday morning, April 9, 2014, Hakainde Hichilema said President Sata is useless just as his ministers and Members of Parliament.

‘‘Mr Sata says his Ministers are useless, is he not the one who appointed those ministers? He is the appointing authority so he is also useless. Mr President you are useless ’’ said Hichilema popularly known as HH.

Recently President Sata said his Ministers and MPs are useless.

HH also said the statement by President Sata on Monday that those calling for the new constitution were yapping as demeaning. He wondered how President Sata can now start saying the country has a functioning constitution when he knew there has been a constitution.
‘‘When he (Sata) was campaigning promising a new constitution, did he knew that there was a constitution?’’ asked HH and added ‘‘what is going on with this President? If someone was doubting that there is something wrong with this President. Am telling you that there is something wrong with this President.’’

HH further wondered: ‘‘how can he govern when he does not understand the importance of the constitution? We are stuck.’’
The UPND leader vowed that whether Preside Sata likes it or not Zambians will have a new constitution before 2016 elections.
He has called on the Grand Coalition where UPND is a member to step up its efforts to ensure the PF government is made to deliver the new constitution.

HH condemned President Sata’s threats on Bishop Lungu of the Catholic Church. He said the threats directed at Lungu should be seen as threats to the entire Christian community. He wondered what would happen to a mare citizen if the President has the guts to threaten a Man of God.

He reminded President Sata that he was not elected to threaten and intimidate citizens. He said as President, Sata must be the one who should protect and not threaten citizens.


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