Yes, the corruption in roadblocks must be stopped – FODEP Boss

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MacDonald Chipenzi says he agrees with Home Affairs Minister Davis Mwila’s revelations on the corruption taking place in Roadblocks.

The Minister who was speaking on Sunday Interview condemned the Police on the manner they conducted the roadblocks.

And Chipenzi who heads Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP) says he is in support of the Minister in this matter as motor users are most mistreated by some corrupt police officers.

Below is Chipenzi full comment on the matter:

I want to agree with the minister on his position
with regards accountability in the police. One
wonders why it should take a minister to make
such revelations as if there is no leadership in the

The numerous roadblocks, confiscating of
vehicles keys and or driver’s licence from alleged
wrong doers is but a signal of how irresponsible
the police has become and way of squeezing little
monies from unsuspected road users.

You can even see how traffic vehicles charging motorists are packed in some hidden corner where alleged traffic
offences are led innocently like a lamb going to slaughter, only to be told of the framed offence and charges just to get a little ngwee from them.

This is corruption and must be nipped of the bud before
it blossoms. I hope Hon. Mwila will keep the momentum and ensure civic education is inculcated both in old and new officers so that when he leaves the ministry, sanity in attitude among police officers would have changed for the better.

High police Command should also wake up and do their
job. It is amazing how successive IGs and police Commissioners, apart from a few, have tolerated such.

Hon. Mwila you have my support. I also recommend that the 1999 Act which allows the police stations/posts to be parking lots be take a bill to parliament in June so that your directives are backed by law.

The presence of damaged cars at police stations is just
show of police inertial in disposing off traffic case and the slow wheels of justice in Zambia.


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