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YES!!! A DJ who knows his audience as the beat goes on!!!

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DJ SantosHey there! Do you know about a guy named Deejay Santos? He’s a laid back sort of guy whom you might think because of his multi-talent is supposed to be located in one of these big cities in Zambia… like Lusaka, Livingstone or Kitwe, Ndola some cities on the copperbelt province.
But not for Santos’ he prefers right where he is, in Choma.  A town in Southern Province where he  makes his name known from a small town all the way to the capital, Lusaka  and all the surrounding towns.
The crowd just go bizarre when he spins his turntables with his dj tunez making  the crowd put  their hands up in the air and wave them side by side and it goes crazy up in the club.
When Zambian Eye came across Santos and seen his passion for his music we just thought everyone gotta Know about this man. Well, we are letting everyone know that it’s not all about  location but how you wow! your audience. Below is the brief interview… conducted with Deejay Santos.
1. How are you doing today Santos’?
Am doing fine, thank you.
2. So tell me , what do you do?
Am just a DJ by professional.
3. So how long have you been Deejay’n and when did you start?
Let me say for about 9 years, I started somewhere in 2005.

Draft Center Night Club

Draft Center Night Club

4. What places to you DJ from?

DJ at a place called Draft Center here in Choma and sometimes at Club Vegas in Lusaka.
5. What type of music to you love playing?
Mostly, I play R&B, Hip Hop, House and some local Zambian music you know we gotta support our own. hahaha!
DJ Santos 16. What crowd do you DJ for and why?
well, All different kinds of crowds, so long as they wanna party. hehehehe! and the fact that I love music it makes me feel good, so in return I want the people to be happy too.
7. What other things do you love to do other than deejay’n ?
Huh! I try to do my own music and remixes, I also love playing soccer it clears out my mind away from music and it makes me feel relaxed. I do hang out with my mates and family of course.
8. So if someone can describe you in a few words what do you think they would say?
A few magical words. Hehehehe!
9. Oh yea and they are?
That am; Social, loving and  down to earth.
10. Are you so popular around Choma only and if yes why?
No not just Choma, people know me all over the place, all the way up to Lusaka. That’s BIG.
11. Would you love to play on radio or have you been?
Yeah! But I have played on radio  before and they talk about me on radio too.
12. Which  radio deejay do you love listening to the most?
DJ Dazoo, he’s good, so so good.
13. So if people are interested in you deejay’n for them how do the contact you?
They can contact me by mobile or by internet.

14. What do you do in-order for people to know where you are playing?
If they are part of the party, then  they will know what’s up, because I advertise myself all the time  where ever am playing or on radio like I said earlier or by just handing our flyers, sticking  posters on the  walls in populated places and set up banners.

15. So is that how  you market yourself?
Yes, it works perfectly for me I can’t complain.I have no kids so It works right on my schedule can market myself 24 /7 all for the love of music
16. Lastly do you believe in God at all or are you one of the people that says music unless it’s gospel can’t not be mixed with God?
Yes, I do believe in God. Music is for fun, Thank You.

17. Also if you have kids what do they think of you going to play music in the club.  What do you tell your kids or people?
It’s all good, I have no kids.
There you have it, so whenever you are in Choma or at Club Vegas in Lusaka please hop up and buy a mosi for my  Deejay Santos  who is going to make you dance all night long. (kidding) Till next time. Am out Lady V!!!

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