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Wow your body with chidunguza, aka horned melon

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horned melonThe horned melon, known in Zambia as chidunguza and botanically identified as cucumis metuliferus, is yet another nutritional wonder that demonstrates the yet to be recognized far-reaching health properties of indigenous diets, reports Zambia Eye’s Health and Nutrition Editor Asunta Simoloka.

This super food boasts a plethora of valuable nutrients that wow your body in countless ways from balancing blood sugar to countering cancer and sliming your waist.

Blood pressure, blood sugar, heart health

The horned melon, especially the skin and seeds, is rich in fiber, proven to effectively control blood pressure, balance blood sugar, and promote heart health. Also present are omega 6 fats and monounsaturated fats. These fats exist in an ideal ratio that provides outstanding benefits to the heart.

Anti oxidant activity

Amazingly, horned melon seeds are highly endowed with beta carotene and techopherols, compounds with immense anti oxidant powers that bolster the immune system and deactivate harmful radicals responsible for cancer, parkinson’s , alzheimers, and other diseases.

Slows aging

Horned melon is a must-eat if you want to look younger; the anti oxidant properties of beta carotene and techopherols slow aging and minimize wrinkles. Vitamin C also contributes to a younger look by boosting collagen production, necessary for smooth and supple skin.

Weight management

This amazing fruit is also perfectly suited for weight control. Horned melon is naturally lower in calories meaning that it takes fewer calories to feel full on nutritionally dense food. Furthermore, horned melon is loaded with fiber, a key nutrient for boosting metabolism and increasing the body’s fat burning potential while promoting retention and addition of lean muscle.

Great nutrient mix

Horned melon happens to be rich in iron, vital for production of red blood cells. Iron in horned melon is unique because it co-occurs with vitamin C in the same food, thus increasing the amount of iron available for the body to use, or what is known as bioavailability. Vitamin C is required for optimal absorption and utilization of iron, and without vitamin C the body is unable to use iron. Other important nutrients include manganese, potassium and b vitamins which are used for various tasks.

You gotta love chidunguza!!!

Diabetes tip
Avocado is a nutrient booster; it enables the body to absorb fat soluble nutrients that fight diabetes



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