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Women’s Lobby congratulates Lungu, outlines its expectations of his new administration

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Lungu with his running-mate Inonge Mutukwa Wina

Lungu with his running-mate Inonge Mutukwa Wina

The Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) has congratulated President-elect Edgar Lungu on his re-election as Zambia’s sixth President.

ZNWL has also congratulated Vice President-elect Inonge Wina and all candidates that participated in the just ended elections at presidential, parliamentary and local government level. We especially applaud the women who have emerged victorious at Parliamentary and local government level.

And the organization has outlined its expectations of President Lungu and his new government.

“We expect increased efforts to actualize the provisions of the Gender Equity and Equality Act through Gender Commission which should result in enhanced mainstreaming of gender in all sectors. This is important because apart from being in the majority, women are directly affected by the social and economic challenges experienced in this country, thus their inclusion in priority setting, planning, decision making and implementation, is critical,” ZNWL board chairperson Beauty Katebe said in a statement.

Katebe also says her organisation expects affirmative action in the appointment of cabinet ministers and senior civil servants.

“We expect that President Lungu will appoint a significant number of women into his cabinet. The Patriotic Front has 13 female Members of Parliament; it is therefore our hope that a considerable number of female Members of Parliament will be appointed in the next Cabinet. We further implore President Lungu to consider appointing women into key and influential government positions. The track record of women that have held influential positions in Zambia is quite good which points to the fact that women are effective leaders.

She has also called upon the President to prioritise sectors that have a direct bearing on the lives of women.

“We expect the new government to work towards enhancing the status of women by investing in women’s health and focusing on improving sectors in which women are the majority such as the agriculture sector. We further expect increased emphasis on girl child education and an invigorated fight against child marriages.”

She further advised that with the coming in of IMF austerity measures, government should consider sparing sectors that directly benefit women.

“As government prepares to enforce austerity measures in line with the International Monetary Fund aid package, we implore the government to ensure that sectors that directly affect women such as the health, agriculture and social welfare are spared to avoid the increase in the disease burden and escalation of the household poverty.”

She reiterated her organisation resolve to ensure that women actively participate in decision making processes at all levels in Zambia, adding that this can be achieved if a multi-faceted approach is taken and all stakeholders are willing to apply the principles of gender equity in all sectors.


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