Woman, the sexiest part of your body should be your brain

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By Mubanga Chilatu

I don’t know if I should say I was fortunate or unfortunate to have been growing up at a time when kids suddenly became aware that a killer body for a woman was everything. Most people who know me and have seen me grow can attest to the fact that in my early years, it’s only my face that looked like a girl everything else was ‘boyish.’

I remember when I was taken to be registered into first grade at Woodlands A basic school I stood in the girls queue and an apparently rude and tired looking man came and yelled at me saying I was in the wrong queue. “Aba ndiye bana bamene tizasiya chifukwa cho shishita,” he said. In my confused state and being the obedient kid I was, I moved to the boys queue. It’s only my uncle who came to my rescue upon noticing I was in a wrong queue, anyway that’s a story for another day…the fact is that I am female. So as I grew up I had friends that were more fleshy or what today is called ‘curvy in all the right places.’ and there I was, a skinny girl looking like a malnourished boy. I approached puberty in the hope that I would blossom into the curvy girl I had always dreamt of but even puberty could not come to my rescue (well it did come with a few lies but not much to my satisfaction, lol). Looking at me from behind, one would conclude I was a boy. Even my hair rebelled against me as it did not grow long, like it knew that it had to compliment the look.

My friends in the hood were treated well by ba puberty and that was enough cause for them to make fun of me. They called me ‘Make Shawn’ (Shawn’s mother). Make Shawn was apparently some Chinese woman who had moved in our neighbourhood, she was skinny and her behind was ‘downcast’ (for lack of a better term of course, lol). Well I guess I earned the name coz I kind of fitted the description. To this day I don’t know why my friends gave me such pressure; we were only teenagers for crying out loud.


So why did I waste time narrating all this? You see this is where it all starts from, when we are only kids. Women grow up knowing that having a sexy body is everything. The pressure most women go through in attaining that sexy body is immense. This is evident in the many surgeries most women are having nowadays especially in the west. From breast implants, to butt implants, nose jobs, liposuctions, name them.

Women will go an extra mile in trying to make their bodies sexier. Notwithstanding the fact that yes a sexy body will make you feel confident and move with your chin up, there should be more to your sexy body as a woman.

Your brain should be sexy as well. I think if as a woman you are able to spend so much in making yourself look sexy, the same energy should be applied in making your brain sexy.

The same time and money you will invest in buying expensive clothes that compliment your figure to bring out that your sexy look is the same way you should invest in your brain. Don’t just dress that head in expensive Brazilian hair when all it carries is an empty and unappealing brain.

Invest in yourself as a woman, get an education, empower yourself. Keep yourself updated with constructive trends. If you discover that upon trying, school is not your talent, discover yourself and what you are good at, what works for you and empower yourself.

That killer body should only be a bonus, the sexiest part of your body should be your brain. If you need a brain surgery, go for it to make it sexy (not literally off course) I mean to say if you are a sexy brainless woman, have a brain surgery, reconstruct your thinking. Because, look, in this day and age it’s not all about looks. Well and good you are sexy, then what? Will sexy have that intelligent and constructive conversation with a man? Because men will love a woman who can strike an intelligent conversation with them. Will sexy give advice to hubby at home when he confides in you about a problem at work? Yes some women can argue that a sexy body alone pays their bills, but then for how long? What happens when that sexy is no more? I’m not against having or attaining that sexy body, all am saying is compliment it with a ‘sexy brain’. The time to boast about a sexy body without brains is long gone my fellow women. Kudos to the women with both.


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