Wina found Luanshya depressing because she failed to pull a crowd – NDC

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The opposition NDC has mocked Vice President Inonge Wina, saying her lamentation that Luanshya is depressing is a reality for her because her campaign rally flopped.

The NDC says while Wina gave her reasons in yesterday’s Times of Zambia as to why she thinks Luanshya is depressing, the main reason by all who are in Luanshya is the fact that she failed to pull a crowd.

The Patriotic Front (PF) rally should have taken place at Kaunda Square grounds in Roan but after failing to pull a crowd they changed the rally to Kafubu primary school grounds at a very small venue. But even at a small venue the Vice President failed to pull a crowd and only a handful of children and PF officials attended the ‘rally’.

“What she had can’t even be called a rally but a branch meeting by our standards,” said Charles Kabwita the NDC Deputy Campaign Manager for the Roan elections. “The people of Roan have rejected the PF as can be clearly seen from them failing to hold any successful meetings. The Vice president’s admission of her administration’s neglect of Roan also shows why the people of Roan love their MP so much.

“These elections are beyond politics but the relationship that our leader and Consultant Dr. Kambwili has developed with the people. He has done so much for the people of Roan on an individual and official basis. And despite all the politicking by the PF, everyone in Roan knows the developmental projects spearheaded by Dr. Kambili like roads, hospitals, schools, sponsorship of many children to schools and many others. His footprint can never be ignored or rubbed off by people that don’t mean well and only visit such places when there is an election,” Kabwita said.

The NDC Deputy Campaign Manager further laughed at the PF for alleging that NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili had failed the people of Roan, pointing out that he was the Member of Parliament for three terms and everyone knows that underperforming MPs are never re-dopted by their parties.

Kabwita further said that whatever schemes and messages the PF are coming up with, the NDC is well ahead of that and they should just accept that the people of Roan have rejected them as can be seen from their failed meetings.

“They have a front page story of the Vice President in Luanshya but they put a picture of President Lungu in Bahati because they know that they can’t show pictures of a flopped rally. Not that the Bahati pictures of President Lungu were even anything to write home about anyway. These people have been rejected everywhere and pictures say a thousand words,” he said.


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