Wina accused of misleading Parliament

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Zambia’s Republican vice President, Inonge Wina has been accused of misleading the National Assembly by saying the Electoral Commission of Zambia, (ECZ) will not completely discard the old register, but remove those that have died.

Wina told Parliament that the commission will delete 1.4 million registered who have since died, contrary to the commission’s recent statement that it intends to replace the old register, leading to opposition parties MPs to claim that Wina was misleading the House.

“ECZ is not doing away with the old register in totality. Some of the people who have passed on still appear on the older register to the tune of 1.4 million Zambians who were voters, but now there are no more. And surely this, this should be deleted from the current, the new voter register that we shall use in 2021,” she stated.

She was responding to Lufwanyama Member of Parliament, Leonard Fungulwe during the Vice President’s Question time.

However, Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Jack Mwiimbu has accused Wina of misleading the country over the voter registration exercise.

Mwiimbu, who is also Monze Central Member of Parliament, raised a point of order against Wina, saying her statement is contrary to the commission’s position, which is calling for a completely new register.

In his ruling, Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Patrick Matibini directed Mwiimbu to ask a question of clarity to the vice president. -Byta FM


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