Why you should vote Edith Z Nawakwi in 2016

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Zambian eye edith-nawakwiBy Niza Phiri

GBM- “kambwili is fat like a pig”
MUMBI-“To see GBMs Nakedness, we have to bend down”
KAMBWILI-“GBM is very dull”
H.H-“lungu is very childish”
E. Lungu”balitumpa ba mambala”

We fought over 50 years of colonisation to get to this point, where we feel these are our options of people to guide Zambia out of poverty ? Is it true that this is indeed the only choice we have.

The choice we are faced with is one between “H.I.V and CANCER”.


P.F promised more money and jobs , and lower Taxes.

1.Interesting, they have hiked taxes but increased the threshold, well its good in that more people are exempt from paying taxes, but what this means is that the tax base has reduced and the pf are punishing the citizens who are working hard and earning have they lowered taxes ? No

2.More money in our pockets- i don’t know about you, but my pockets are pretty empty, the EXTREMELY high cost of living has meant that the value of money has reduced.

3. More jobs. May be, to build new district infrastructure on borrowed money, so ultimately, what we are saying is if you are hungry, and have no where to seat at home, its okay to borrow from your neighbors and buy a couch. And have no way of paying back so that now you have to be hungry and in debt, but your couch looks nice. Instead of borrowing and investing in money generating projects, pf is investing in consumption. So is that development ? No.

They promised to continue.


Well its very rare that we even get a put together plan of what they intend to do, they seem rather more focused on PF failures and Destroying lungu as one Guy Scott, miles sampa and GBM would put it. In the brief breaks from the monotonous reaping PF apart, we hear Free Education to university, and Economic Management by an Economist.

Interesting , good stuff really, but what does that actually mean to the common Man? The economists at bank of Zambia are alot more qualified than MR H.H so when he talks better economic management, what does he mean, how does he intend to bring down the currency that is mainly affected by the lack of produce for exports ?

Free Education:~allow me to call this comedy. Even the very wealthy USA charges for its education, why? Because it is an EXTREMELY large cost to run the entire education system on government budget, so how does he intend to access cash? To finance this fantasy? And how exactly does it benefit Zambia economically, because the Zambian universities churn out over 30000 graduates annually who end up unemployed and contribute nothing to Zambia.

So again i ask, how are we going to improve Zambia with mr H. H and his team half of the pf half upnd? What actual plan do they have?

So then are we stuck?

But is there another way?

There is a third option, Edith Z Nawakwi, she may not be your favourite person, but she sticks to issues. Her main message is Production. And self independence. She plans to re educate the population about production. She plans to open massive farmlands specifically for exports. She intends to also revamp the Zambian manufacturing industry. Her plans are daring but are what Zambia really needs to go foward.

So why are we fighting about what we want for dinner between ifinkubala and Fulufute, when whe have steak somewhere else.

As long as we Zambians keep voting on excitement , nothing will ever change and we should blame ourselves. Be it a woman, a dwarf, a crippled man, whatever the case, let us vote for the right people.

Let us support the lady who can take us where we want to go


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