Why the National Dialogue talks collapsed

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Opposition leaders during dialogue church service

Zambian DNA have noted with concern how the three Church mother bodies are been used by the 12 Opposition political parties alliance to agitate for the regime change.

This fact explains why the said Church mother bodies differed with ZCID over the dialogue process as they subscribe to the ill-conceived Opposition alliance’s agenda for the regime change.

However, we support ZCID together with the governing PF and other 30 political parties’ decision to shun the national dialogue launch.

 It’s not surprising that the three Church mother bodies allegedly became a referee of the national gathering that was turned into a salt burning ritual and ‘Boxing ring’ for power struggle or the contest to challenge the PF’s 5-year mandate to govern.

Mores so, the three Church mother bodies, whose role was to chair the deliberations of the national dialogue on critical issues, abandoned its God-given peace-making mandate in favour of  officiating the Opposition alliance’s attempt to  wrestle power from the democratically elected PF Government.

The three Church mother bodies should accept the blame for short-circuiting the national process, and we advise them to apologize to the people of Zambia for betraying their confidence in them as the salt of the earth.

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