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Why live casino online is taking over the casino market

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During the early days of the internet, innovative technophiles were keen to maximise its potential by using it to deliver live events in real time. By the early 1990s, there were attempts to stream live events, but the technology required to support the data transfer simply wasn’t up to the job.


However, in accordance with Moore’s Law, it wasn’t long before technological capacity improved enough to facilitate the reality of live streaming. It became possible to compress audio and video more efficiently, broadband speeds increased along with bandwidth, and there was a market for live streamed events and activities.


In 1994, a company called Microgaming established the first online casino, breaking ground in a sector that was soon to become one of the fastest growing industries ever. Even the visionaries that started the online gaming ball rolling might be surprised to see how far the world of online casinos has come since the early days where there were limited options and only relatively basic games available.


Live casino gaming


There have been several important points in the evolution of today’s online gaming market: mobile gaming, the increasing availability of high quality internet connections, and the rapid improvements in the graphics, sound recording, and overall quality of the gaming experience on offer.


As the sector attracted the attention of casino gaming fans, it became apparent that live dealer games were a hugely popular idea. Those that appreciated the authenticity of the casino experience could now enjoy all the fun of playing with a professional dealer in real-time, but with the convenience of playing online.


The way people thought about gaming changed swiftly as technology allowed players and dealers to interact with one another in the way that they would in a land-based casino. Online players could have the best of both worlds: an authentic and engaging casino experience with the flexibility and variety that made online gaming so appealing.


What people want from a casino


Since the 17th Century, those who love casino games have gathered together to play, celebrate their wins, and bemoan their losses. Land-based casinos are often judged on their atmosphere and opulent surroundings, all of which contribute to the overall experience when visiting, playing, or even just spectating.


The electrifying thrill of playing against real opponents in an online game cannot be beaten, and providers were offering a wide range of games in a safe and secure online environment. The advent of social media helped players to recreate the camaraderie that’s often experienced among casino-goers and providers of live casinos online, such as Virgin Games, could recreate that virtually.


Gaming sites developed their own communities, providing their players with online spaces that allow them to socialise in the same way that they would in person. For those that were new to casino gaming, there was a ready-made community to offer advice, support, tips, and share their experiences.


Security and safety


One of the appealing elements of land-based casinos is their strong security and the fact that they offer their patrons a secure environment in which to enjoy their favourite games. In the early days, online players had legitimate concerns about the potential for having their personal data compromised or even having their identities stolen.


This is another area in which the world of online gaming has adopted the very latest technology to surpass its land-based counterparts by offering robust security and a host of safety measures designed to protect players. Live gaming is as safe as it has ever been, with players able to access a wide variety of games on platforms that offer cutting edge encryption, secure payment systems, and constantly updated security systems.


Regulation has also become an important aspect of the online gaming world. Players joining live games can check providers to ensure that they are overseen by one of the regulatory bodies that uses their powers to impose stringent safety measures on all their members.


Players can check any website to learn which regulatory framework they are signed up to, giving them peace of mind that they are playing on a legitimate site. Regulators also provide a means for dispute resolution and complaint escalation, giving players official channels for any concerns they may have.


Online gaming continues to dominate


As connectivity and streaming services improve, the number of people choosing to play live casino games online is staggering. The convenience of playing online combined with the engaging gameplay has changed the way people view online gaming.


Existing casino fans can make the most of the flexibility of playing online without having to sacrifice the real-life casino experience. Those that want to hone their skills can practise from the comfort of their own homes, and those who struggle to get to a land-based casino don’t have to miss out on the chance to win big.


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