Why is Zambia called a Christian Nation but Act direct opposite?

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President Lungu during prayers Day

According to Advanced English DICTIONARY, HYPOCRISY is defined as, “insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities and beliefs that you do not really have. There you have it, THE answer is hypocrisy. We are in a country where our leaders both ruling and opposition preach piece and oneness but are the ones in the fore front of breaking the piece and oneness. A Tonga leader will call a bemba tribal and a bemba will call a Tonga leader tribal. They forget that just by saying that, they themselves are tribalistic.

Observing from most statements that we hear from our leaders particularly the PF,UPND,EEP and so on, you would wonder what type of hypocrites we have as leaders.

The ruling party would rather always looks for issues to fight with the opposition and the opposition does the same. The term politics has now been turned to a mere game of insults and fights leading the country down into a bottomless pit. How do we expect to prosper as a country when all we know is hate towards one another.

Now slowly the hate has grown and slowly gathering ground in people’s hearts and all I see is Tongas insulting Bemba’s, Bembas insulting Tongas and other tribes…

Annoying enough We all sing THE SONG ” TIYENDE PAMODZI NDIMUTIMA UMOZI coined by our forefathers who founded this country in piece and love.

Now people every Sundays and Saturdays are full in churches but once you hear them speak about either HH or ECL, you would wonder if really even 20 Zambians will make it to heaven.

Shame on us as a country, shame on our leaders in PF shame on our leaders in UPND and other parties and shame on you who is a Zambian and you reading this. If we can’t be one as one people, its better we stop singing this hypocritical one Zambia one nation one people and stop calling ourselves a Christian nation because we are not. We are exactly what the bible meant when it stated, ” you shall know them by their fruits and not what they say. Out mouth preach Jesus and yet we are far away from the love of Jesus….with no apology I can firmly say “Pharisees” is what we are as a country.


Clever Mking


2 Responses to Why is Zambia called a Christian Nation but Act direct opposite?

  1. The nations are led by fallible peoples like you and me,despite Christ being invoked upon the nations…..and these ppo have different levels and degrees of depth and commitments to the Christ invoked upon the nations….

    November 11, 2018 at 5:04 pm

  2. Lungu should never have been elected president of Zambia. It is an insult that Zambians will wait to cleanse in 2020. Lungu is totally clueless. Zambian is enduring wasted years. But again, who foreknew the trajectory of nations that two cluessless men would ascend to power. One in US and one in KK’s country?

    Bottle Chakolwa Lungu
    November 12, 2018 at 4:30 am

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