‘Why haven’t they renovated City Market?’

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President for Radical Revolutionary Party (RRP) Vincent Chaile has demanded an explanation from the PF government as to why they have failed to renovate Lusaka City Market more that a year after it was gutted by fire.

Last year, fire swept through the capital city’s largest trading area destroying property worth millions of kwacha, a development that led to the declaration of a semi-state of emergency by President Edgar Lungu.

In the aftermath of the fire, the PF government promised to rebuild the market within six weeks but so far nothing has been done.

Chaile, in a statement to Zambian Eye, Chaile questions how the funds donated by well wishers towards the reconstruction of the market were used.

“Government should explain why they have failed to renovate the gutted city market up to now. Soon will be having rains,” Chaile said.

“Could this confirm the speculations that city market was sold to Chinese or Lebanese? because this is almost two years now and no works have been done.

“Can the Minister of Local Government explain how the the money was used donated by the well wishers?

Chaile says it is hazardous to allow marketeers to be trading in such inhuman environment for so long.

“The question is who is going to take responsibility if anyone is injured because the structure especially the roof is weak and can fall any time. Moreover no marketeer is insured.

“Where is the sincerity from government? People cannot be living like this country Zambia has been at war since independence.”



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