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‘Why do they go abroad for routine medical checkups?’

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Alliance for Community Action executive director Laura Miti has questioned President Edgar Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina’s trips abroad for what are supposed to be routine medical checkups.

Vice President Wina returned home yesterday having spent two weeks in India undergoing what the public media reported as “a very small routine operation”.

In January, President Lungu traveled to South Africa where he spent several days undergoing routine medical checkups.

But Miti on Thursday took to Twitter to air her concerns about the trips, saying they are costly to the taxpayer.

“Why or why do the President and Vice President go abroad for routine medical check ups? What is this routine check that should cost us thousands of dollars plus escort and welcome parties at the airport? They are even taking turns like it makes sense,” tweeted Miti.


Below are the replies to Miti’s tweet:

@Munya_93: All educated Zambians are cowards… Sata.
We are to blame for these things that are happening. Zambians tend to give a blind eye on things that matter most and talk about things that are useless like the banning of Lusaka hustle and forgetting the stolen money for toll gates.

@brightmwape9: Ati, the vice president has been flown to India for a minor leg injury. Why not to UTH if its a minor injury. I suppose people should be flown for serious ailments. Zambians che!

@nickventere: They should not even be flown at all. We have hospitals amd a budget for the health sector. Let’s make use of them. Just no one must fly out or perhaps we shut down all hospitals and everyone gets flown abroad for treatment!

@mulichuula1: Why not wamya the vipatala here…. Anyway kaili cadres and bakandile bengi so for as long as docility and stupidity continues to grow in leaps and bounds money will continue to be wasted in leaps and bounds

@jaylowess: Moreover those routine checkups can be done right here in Zambia, UTH. It’s not an emergency please. Ndalama kupaka

@EugeneMakai: What ticks me off is that funding to the sector has been cut in the this budget, we have not tackled issues of pilferage, availability or even non-expiry of medicines. Yet we say we are a pro-poor government. Meanwhile our politicians are running away from our OWN health system.

@trif20: You can ask mwe…

@mubangamwila4: I keep wondering why spend the much instead of iversting in our health sector

@GrDoxa: Muntu azibuntula ati flown to south African for medical attention

@MichaelWalusim6: Did Inonge “need” medical attention? An Indian cartel has effectively taken over the Barn Motel, that cartel oversees her finances “invested” in India. For a medical evacuee, her pictures show her looking surprisingly 50ish. Open your eyes, it’s mwibala over and over



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