Why appoint Cabinet Ministers in batches

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fb_img_1473952654353By Kelvin Esiasa

It’s not clear why President Lungu prefers to appoint cabinet ministers in batches instead of appointing all cabinet members at the same time, a situation which causes a lot of panic among the citizens as well as the likely appointees.

This is the second time that the President is doing it. In 2015 the President took time to appoint the full cabinet. Firstly the President appointed few cabinet Ministers and later appointed a few and later appointed the whole cabinet.

It’s not clear why he has been using this approach to appoint his cabinet. The first time this happened Zambians thought it was because he was not ready to appoint members of the cabinet at the same time saying he did not exactly know his colleagues. Therefore, Zambians appreciated this approach as well as understood the reasons he advanced on why he did not appoint the Cabinet Ministers at once.

But this time around, he has repeated the same approach. Members of the public have taken this approach as  teasing the people who are jostling for the positions of Cabinet Minister. The general public feel this approach means a lot to them. Some are wondering if the president really knows the people he wants to appoint as Ministers or he is playing a game teasing his would be appointees.

The other questions that people are raising is the question on why should the President take time to appoint cabinet when he had all-time during the election campaign to constitute his cabinet. Or why should the President pose when appointing cabinet Ministers when he exactly know the people he want to appoint as Ministers. Is it the issue of consultation or taking a break? Or it’s an issue of testing the water among the members of the ruling party.

The members of the public are justified when they complain about this dozing appointments.  For instance, the appointing of ministers in batches just distorts the confidence of those who want to be appointed as cabinet Ministers.

The question that is also pertinent with the general public is that why should the appointment of Cabinet Ministers be a secret when this is just a service appointment. What is special about becoming a cabinet Minister when the people that are appointed are just going to render a service to the Zambians.

Appointing cabinet Ministers is not a number one secret. This is because it’s a consultative process where every person involved is a ware of. Obviously I would not be wrong if I say that  the President before appointing a person as cabinet Minister would ensure that he consults the team that he has constituted to appoint  Cabinet Ministers and the next thing the President would do is to consult the person he wishes to appoint as a Cabinet Minister. Obviously, this process is done in confidence but it’s an open secret because there are people that are fully aware of the appointing. So appointing Ministers in batches is a sign that the President is not confident with his Process.

Although the appointing of Ministers is the prerogative of the President but it’s important that the President appoint those he wants to appoint as ministers at once. This would greatly help those who are not appointed to go on with life. Instead of people wondering who to be appointed as ministers, people would move own with life when they know who are to be ministers.

The appointment of ministers at once also makes those who want to congratulate the Minister do it in an honest way. This also helps those who want  to support the President support the President.

But the appointing of Ministers in batches is the sign that something is wrong with the appointing process. Why should the appointee pause when he knows exactly who to appoint? This is a serious question.

I rest my case.


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