Who gutted Lusaka City Market

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City Market goes up in flames

President Lungu visiting City Market

Today marks exactly one year since Lusaka City Market was gutted by fire whose origins has remained a mystery even among bishops, fortune tellers, prophets and politicians of our time.

On this day, crocodile tears were dropped by dishonest and insincere political leaders who also assumed roles of sadists arresting innocents and detaining them without charge as having been behind the fire.

In their hypocrisy, these sadist politicians made a promise that the market would be reconstructed in six weeks.

To date, City Market lay in desolation and the crocodile tears have dried up, the promise forgotten and business as usual adopted and no one cares to give update.

May be with the mayoral election at the corner, we are going to hear and know the latest on who gutted Lusaka City Market and when reconstruction will start and end.

By MacDonald Chipenzi


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