When Zambians cry, who care?

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By Martin Mwango

Who cares is the very question we have to ask ourselves as Citizens of Zambia today. The Care for Our Common Home Zambia is the most cardinal thing in our lives as Zambians. We have appeal to our Civic and Spiritual Leaders to stand up and defend us from the POLITICIANS who constantly destroy and divide our beloved country. I quote the Catholic Pope Francis in “Laudato si” “every person living on this planet has the right to take care of it”. We call upon the Spiritual and the Civic leaders to acknowledge the urgency of our country challenges and to join each other in embarking and fight on a new path of Zambia.

We still continue with the same question that *who cares?* These can be a frequent question an Alien from another planet can ask, when he/she visit our beloved Zambian society. Does the good words by wise Zambian people land on deaf ears or is it because we don’t care or we are not patriotic of our beloved country. Articles have been written, songs have been composed, drama have been played and poems have been said and yet no sound of feedback in our society and no action or anything of implementing what the so called Politician promise people. WHO CARES?

The human being are Holistic being, which implies social being, political being, economical being and sacred being etc. We organize our society in different ways economically, Politically and spiritually sphere. Also our laws and policies directly affects human dignity and the capacity of individuals to grow in community. These have been said before but WHO CARES?

ECONOMICS: lack of monitoring and supervision, today one can come from foreign countries with millions of dollars/Euros. And is free to exchange on black market, like intercity and other streets of Lusaka and Ndola. This is giving the central bank difficulty to know how much foreign currency is in market. No one cares that foreign exchange keeps the value of local currency at a fixed rate, if dollar or Euro currency passes through our controlled systems like our neighbours south Africa does. Besides, we all know that those with a floating exchange rate system use reserves to keep the value of their currency lower than the dollar/Euro. But WHO CARES?

POLITICS: how can we define Zambian politics today? We belong to one big family in faith of ONE ZAMBIA ONA NATION, despite our political affiliation, tribe, or ideological differences. We are our brothers and sisters keepers, wherever they may be. However, lastly we have seen intimidations, humiliations and no one care about human dignity. Politician are busy separating us with their ego and love of power. All we hear are bitter words of division from our Politician, may the Civic and Spiritual leaders stand firm and condemn the actions of Politician. It’s unfortunate that some of our Civic and Spiritual Leaders have become corrupt whereby we can’t differentiate them from Politicians. The question still remains. WHO CARES?

POLICIES and LAW: We find it very hard and difficulty as ordinary citizen to access justice, above all it’s very difficult today to trace the law that is protecting every Zambian, The law in the country has become only for rich and justice can be accessed in time and due.. Example, where is the justice of Vesper innocent soul lost during UNZA demo. The law today has been compromised. There are only few individuals who are in power to protect the interest of the nation and its citizens than their own interests. it’s a very sad situation for our country today. Who will stand for our beloved country? Zambian on trade policies? Mistreatments of our local people by foreign investors? Who cares that our people are been used like animals by some of the investors, they have cried, they have sang, articles has been written in papers.

The Spiritual and Civic leaders are called to speak for these poor people in society. And we should refrain from be politicians in the name of our positions in society. Politicians go and come, but you always remain vigilant and serve our people. Let’s emulates the late Joseph Cardinal Mazombwe who championed the campaign for the country especially the poor when he advocated for the cancellations of debts. Bishop Mpundu who always spoke out for the poor and told the politician in truth to put first the interest of the poor people in Siciety. Its an invitation for ministry of guidance and religious affairs to stand up to truth of Christian values. We are all invited as citizens to support our country by few contribution toward development and fight corruption together.


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