When politics stands in the way of development, citizens becomes the victims

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Despite the fact that most of its players are usually clad in the smartest suits, politics is said to be a dirty game, writes Zambian Eye Southern Africa Correspondent.
In some cases politics has caused development, but yet in others, it has been the reason for under-development.
Often times, political actors have been so silly, causing under-development in certain areas, all in the name of settling political scores.
In cities like Harare, Zimbabwe, local authorities who happens to be led by opposition parties, suffer sabotage from the central government.
Service delivery is so poor, with the ruling ZANU PF, for standing accused of side-lining opposition led local authorities.
At one point the then ZANU-PF aspiring councillor for Belvedere West Abraham Samushonga confessed at a meeting that the ruling party was in the habit of by-passing local opposition councillors when implementing developmental projects.
Samushonga who is also  ZANU PF Harare Central-One District Chairperson, implied that developmental projects by government must sidestep opposition run constituencies.
In doing so, the government would have denied opposition leaders credit for running their areas well.
Meanwhile, in the case for Zimbabwe there has been cold wars running between the central government and local government.
The central government was being accused for allegedly interfering with councils’ mandate. This led to blames and counter-blames between the two warring parties.
At one time, Harare spent a lengthy time without a substantive Town Clerk, owing to alleged undue interference from the parent ministry.
The local authority had picked James Mushore for the post, but the central government through the ministry of local government then headed by minister Ignatius Chombo barred him from taking office.
As if by default Zimbabwe’s Northern neighbour Zambia is also trending on the same wavelength.
Kabompo Member of Parliament Ambrose Lufuma recently told a local publication that the country’s Western Province is being side-lined from the development occurring in other parts of Zambia.
He said it has since become clear that most ruling party PF strongholds, are being favoured with developmental projects.
Hon. Lufuma sought clarity from leaders on whether North Western province is a part of Zambia and whether the One Zambia One Nation slogan is still valid.
Hon. Lufuma said whilst Luapula, Northern, Eastern provinces e.t.c can boast of the massive development being done by PF, this can not be said of North Western Province.
He said other provinces have new district hospitals, schools, roads, but yet not even one health post, school or feeder road has been built in North Western province by the PF government.
Hon. Lufuma added that the PF government is violating the constitution of the Republic of Zambia which clearly states that resources must be allocated equitably.
“Money allocated to provinces does not only come from Provincial budgets but also from the Investment budget from the Ministry of Finance. The Investment budget is what PF uses to deny development to provinces deemed to be UPND strongholds.
“We have to live as brother and sister, as one Zambia one Nation but it has to be demonstrated otherwise we feel as orphans.
“PF is under obligation has to ensure that North Western province gets it’s fair share,” he said.
Some of these projects are even being funded by institutions such as the World Bank like the rehabilitation feeder roads in rural areas, yet the government still behaves cruely.
Meanwhile, only 6 provinces have been done and North Western Province is not included in the list. Earlier this year Government announced that it would work on 2,000 kilometres of feeder roads covering all chiefdoms in Northern Province.
Hon. Lufuma lamented that North Western province has a lot of resources and if the feeder roads system is not improved in the province how can marketing be improved.
Road Link Zambia 8000 project was launched by the late President Michael Sata on September 20th 2012.
The people of North Western province pleaded with the government for a new Chingola/ Solwezi road for many years however  due to the mines in North Western Province contributing only a section of the road worth over US$80million was built


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