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What to Know about Wide Headbands

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Once in a while, we’ll spend hours carefully crafting the ideal ensemble, only to feel like something needs to be added to the final product. After spending countless hours on Zoom, conversing from the waist up through video, we’ve realized that a headband may have the same transformative effect as a scarf or blazer in fashion emergencies.

Thanks to street-style photographs, we’re plenty of ideas for pairing a headband with everything from a sweatsuit to a pair of jeans to a dress or even a suit and tie. The best part is that this hair item is flattering on all faces and can be used with any hair, whether it’s knotted, padded, adorned, or fashioned from a shirt or bandana.

Headbands from Famous Designers

Loeffler Randall

As Ella Emhoff, the stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris wore one of the brand’s models at the presidential inauguration in January, the company’s headbands have received more notice.

The company claims that after Emhoff’s inauguration, the headband quickly sold out through its online store.

Its hair accessories have been more popular during and after the epidemic and the inauguration. Loeffler Randall sells a variety of headbands, including knotted and puffy versions crafted from canvas, linen, velvet, and even leather and resin.

Customers, according to Randall, are primarily interested in the brand’s voluminous and knotted headbands. Randall said the brand’s overall popularity during the pandemic was highest for its more relaxed products, such as gold necklaces, slippers, and flats. As was previously reported, the company also launched its first retail location in the Big Apple this past February.

Lele Sadoughi

After launching her eponymous label in 2012,  the designer has been renowned for her oversized, gilded headbands. During the pandemic, she also designed face masks to go with her most popular headband styles.

Her clients went crazy for the face masks she had made to complement some of her best-selling headband designs (including ones with pearls and star decals). Sadoughi explained that the face masks’ low price point attracted new customers to the company and its other offerings, particularly the headbands.

In 2020, the company achieved its highest-ever revenues thanks to the continued success of the brand’s masks, as well as her headbands and jewelry. The company’s internet sales increased by 150 percent year-over-year, while overall revenue increased by 50 percent.

Jennifer Behr

Behr’s headbands, she says, are the brand’s mainstay and best-selling item, even though she also sells jewelry and hats. She noted that sales of her headbands had increased by more than double the rate of her other product categories over the past six months. E-commerce revenues for the entire company were up 68% in February compared to the same month a year ago.

During the past year, Behr has had a great deal of success with several of her designs, from simple headbands to more ornate pieces. Meadow, a white headband with flower embellishments that retails for $495, only debuted in February, and according to her, it has already been a best-seller for the company. Behr also reports that her original satin headbands and newly reintroduced leather headbands are favorites among clients who work from home in more informal settings.

Gigi Burris

For New York milliner Gigi Burris, the pandemic struck right before the busy season for the Kentucky Derby and the Central Park Conservancy’s annual luncheon.

The widespread cancellation of in-person activities due to the epidemic meant that this was not the case. Despite this, Burris experienced no drop in business; rather, she noticed that her clients were increasingly drawn to her more laid-back accessories like veiled headbands to complement their new clothes for telecommuting and intimate weddings.

Burris has also released many collections of casual headbands and hair accessories in the last year, all of which were loved by her clientele. Burris debuted a “Star Wars” line in November that was influenced by beloved characters like Yoda, Chewbacca, and C-3PO.

Hill House Home

Yet, the company’s expansion has reached every product line, including hair accessories.

In 2019, the brand expanded into hair accessories, producing satin headbands and hair bows embellished with gems. For instance, the Alice headpiece has a gold brocade fabric and a blue floral motif to accent the Nap Dresses from Hill House Home. Hill House Home has launched a fresh array of headbands and hair bows in a variety of fabrics and styles with each new Nap Dress release.

In 2021, the Halo and Noor headbands, as well as the Belle hair bow, will all be available in white as part of Hill House Home’s bridal collection, representing a modest but steady growth of the company’s headband offerings.


Over all, is it what some people refer to as a “hair-do”? Sure! Headbands are the fashion heroes of the season; whether you wear them with thin headbands or wide headbands, or because they are easy to put on or because they conceal your roots, so you don’t have to, headbands are the fashion heroes of the season. A period of time that seems to endure without end. Headbands will surely never disappoint to give your look that touch-up.


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