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What to Do if Your Partner is Intimidated by Your Ambition

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People say that in love, opposites attract. 

This may be why it is common for a hardworking individual to attract a partner that is less ambitious. The hard worker is drawn to the easy going attitude of their partner, while the less ambitious partner admires the hard worker’s determination. 

However, sometimes ambition can be intimidating. If you have been an ambitious partner in the past, you may know exactly what it feels like for your partner to be intimidated by you. 

This doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. Here is what to do if your partner is intimidated by your ambition. 

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Never Stop Being Yourself

The most important part of having a healthy, successful relationship is staying true to yourself. 

This means that even if your partner may be intimidated by your ambition or any other trait, you should not go out of your way to minimize that trait for your partner’s benefit. 

It is possible to be an ambitious, hardworking individual in your career as well as your personal and romantic life. Your partner fell in love with you and admires your personality for a reason, so they should not expect you to change for them. 

If they do, then it might not be as healthy of a relationship as you deserve.

Provide Encouragement That Your Partner Needs

If your partner is the less ambitious person in the relationship, it may be because they require a different level of support. 

While you should never go out of your way to try to “fix” your partner, you can provide a healthy support system for them. 

Listen to your partner’s needs and encourage them that they can ask for help if you are able to provide it. You may find that they weren’t intimidated as much as they were looking for help from someone they admire.

Set Healthy Boundaries And Expectations

Having a different set of goals from your partner is very normal in almost all relationships.

Just because you seek out different things in life does not necessarily make you incompatible; however, it does require that you communicate your boundaries and expectations with them. 

If you find that your ambition has you staying at work late, for instance, you may need to set a boundary stating that they wait to text you until after work so that you can focus. 

You can also use this communication to help them to set their own goals if this is something they struggle with. 

Remember to always be kind and respectful to both yourself and your partner when asking for the things you need in order to have a healthy relationship.

Final Thoughts

Having a partner who is less ambitious than you are doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker. 

If you find that they might be intimidated by your ambition, it may be a good time to have a conversation with them about how they are feeling as well as how you are feeling. 

Communicating and getting on the same page about needs and boundaries can be difficult, but at the end of the day, it creates a healthier, more equitable relationship for both people involved.

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