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What the f**k is this? How can I leave UPND when I could succeed HH? – Canisius

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Dr. Banda

Dr. Banda

United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President for Politics, Canisius Banda, yesterday lost it and went on a tirade laced with the ‘f-word’ following suggestions by the Zambian Watchdog, an anti government news website, that he is the next ‘big fish’ from the opposition party to defect to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

“What the fuck is this? Yes, I said that! Kwateniko umuchinshi mwe... (You must have respect) …when did I become a wolf? Really? A wolf! Me?”  Dr Banda wrote in a Facebook posting in his usual poetic manner but in a sarcastic tone.

Dr Banda, who was overlooked for the running mate position despite being the older member in both the party and position than his fellow Vice President for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, also openly indicated his ambition to succussed UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in future.

“How do I think of going away from the UPND now when I could even […I am in very good stead to…] succeed President Hichilema as the UPND president in the future?” he said.

Dr Banda also denied allegations by the Zambian Watchdog that he is currently staying at Cresta Golf View Hotel sponsored by PF.

” ..let anyone go to Cresta Golfview. They will not find me accommodated there.

” …how could the Zambian Watchdog have gotten itself so twisted in its own knickers? This story is so wrong and false that it reeks of malice.

“It’s almost as if I am now being pushed away. Is this another internal dirty job? By the way, the PF have been courting me NOT for 4 months as the dog says but for over 4 years!

“But I willingly chose to serve Zambia and fellow man through the UPND. How do you treat a man so diligent, so loyal and so helpful like this? What nonsense is this?”

Earlier, the Zambian Watchdog alleged that Dr. Banda is defecting to PF.

” Dr. Canisius Banda is next to exist the party. This move has been orchestrated to divide the UPND during this trying time. Dr. Banda has been courted for the past 4 months but it seems now is the time for him to finally join the band wagon. Dr. Canisius Banda is currently being accommodated at Cresta Golf view as he awaits for his defection payment,” they wrote.


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