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What Defence Minister GBM said about HH

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Defence Minister GB Mwamba

Now that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema- the chief Apostle of bitterness and tribalism- fully knows that he holds no chance in hell to win an election in Zambia, he has declared a fight against a duly elected Government and President Michael Chilufya Sata in particular.

We only hope that the UPND leader has calculated his political game quite well because this is a classical case of underestimating a fiery blaze. Mr. Hichilema of all people must know that he is dealing with a party and Government who passed through the mill over a ten year long period. We are not a fluke Government; we know why we are here and fully know how we got to be where we are today. We mobilised the entire country for ten years under very difficult conditions that’s why facing the UPND politically will be as smooth as a walk in the park. They are no match to our political expertise and judgment.

Zambians know who Mr. Hichilema is, what he stands for and which interests he represents. His capitalistic greed and how he ripped off the country during the privatisation exercise and amassed enormous personal wealth and condemned millions of families into destitution especially on the Copperbelt is a well-known sad story on every Zambian’s lips. Even his subsequent rise to the UPND leadership riding on an evil tribal horse is a very well documented and understood phase of this man’s political life. In fact, some of the victims of his untreatable tribalism and hatred are prominent people like Mr. Sakwiba Sikota and many others.

Clearly, this is a man who only identifies himself with causes that have direct benefits to himself and his family. Honestly, it is very difficult to reconcile Mr. Hichilema’s capitalistic gluttony with his claim of service to the Zambian people. Haven’t you wondered why he has never spoken about pro poor policies like the minimum wage and many others? The man is selfish and always aims at benefiting at the expense of the ordinary Zambians.

Our advice to him is let him mobilize but he should not dare attempt to mobilize people at the expense of national security and sovereignty because laws of the land have prescribed a befitting punishment for such heinous acts. For ten (10) years President Sata mobilized people in a peaceful and non-violent manner and we expect Mr. Hichilema to do the same although his motivation is different – he is motivated by bitterness and tribalism.

The PF Government is not intolerant to divergent views. We remain open to criticism and any other constructive engagements. What we shall not allow is for this country’s peace to be tampered with through schemes perpetuated by an opposition leader who only polled slightly over 18 per cent of the total votes at the last elections. We shall not permit a man who has maintained his usual distant third position at all successive elections to prey on our people’s minds.

Come 2016, PF shall win and after winning, we shall do more work on our developmental agenda, to ensure a better life for all Zambians.

Press statement by

Hon. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba MP
Minister of Defence


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