Welcome to Zambia where everything is upside down

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1. Where the President blackmails villagers for votes with threats of not delivering development

2. Where the corrupt are defended, the clean are labeled thieves

3. Where Professors are fighting students

4. Where Pastors are taking away from the poor

5. Where people demand for solutions from the opposition more than accountability from the ruling government.

6. Where thugs have more rights than law enforcement officers

7. Where Parastatals are borrowing billions guaranteed by tax payers but taxpayers can’t even qualify for a personal bank loan.

8. Where the Ministry of labour protects employers more than employees.

9. Where unemployed indigenous Zambian youths march in support for Chinese abusive employers.

10. Where foreigners own mines and locals own black mountain mine slugs.

11. Where every problem is globalized and success is self-gratified.

12. Where criticism is bitterness, and boot licking the president is patriotism.

13. Where teargasing an innocent student to death is a lesser crime than beating up thugs.

14. Where the land belonging to a school is more valued than the thousands of students and human capital the school is training and developing.

15. Where politicians boast of building hospitals but fly thousands of miles for medical check-ups

16. Where vuvuzela party officials issue statements on behalf of the government

17. Where MPs boot lick the president more than they represent or appease their constituency

18. Where money is wasted on expensive ambulances while hospital bed space is limited

19. Where Zambia’s Mukula exports to China have a lower value than China’s mukula imports from Zambia

20. Where the ministry with one of the largest budget allocation continues to be run by a corruption suspect.

21. Where a secretary general of a party without a grade 12 certificate is ranked above the ministers.

22. Where one is still considered a humble president even if he flies in a US$58.8 million Gulfstream private jet whilst pupils still use the floor as desks and tree shades as classrooms. Just because he wants some leg room.

Richard W


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