Welcome to the memoirs of Zambia [The case of Levy Patrick Mwanawasa]

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Every year in August, as the weather gets windy, dusty and a bit sunny we give thanks to the Lord as it reminds us of how time has flown.

Even as my clothes get covered in dust I less care for my mind is never with me but just fixed on the memory of a heroic life.

A life like no other, the great son of the soils yes true son of Africa.

It’s 2008 the 19th despair and hopelessness was conferred to me that night.

He was gone at an on going summit.

Cry my beloved country, I said and I could not find my voice anymore.

Sigh my Zambia for your hope was taken away from you.

Nipaseko…ka tin ka chibuku…olo che..kantobo.. I wanna clear off my mind.

Trauma has become me.

I have tears pilgrim.

But dear country men and women, am not here not so much to mourn over the burial of papa levy.

Knowing very well that kings do not die they instead multiply and blossom into million beautiful gallant leaders of love and peace.

Am hear to pick up the spear and make my vows that I will continue with his struggle for Africa’s economic freedom.

Am here to make my vows that I will continue with his vision of having a free poverty and educated Zambia.

Am here to tell the many dejected masses of our people that I will not sit and watch them suffer at the hands of a few selfish leaders.

Am here to continue with his struggle of bringing sanity to the politics of my country, Africa and the world at large.

And at this I say long live the fighting and tolerant spirit of levy long live.

Long live the defiant spirit of this great son of Africa long live.

I see it hurts you too and you are getting mad at death.

Bar man tipaseko….tobwa..ahaa and I see my people smile it brings joy pilgrim.

I love my people, they are the best.

For having a democratic, peaceful and were ethinicity found no place was his vision.

He hated corruption and worked tirelessly to root out such a vice.

He did not only put it in words but we see it as he fired his own vice presidents who had a questionable record pertaining to corruption.

We see him as he boldly said that it was his dream to have a free corrupt Zambia and he said it is an ideal I want to live and to be remembered, it was an ideal that lost him friends but he less cared for the love of his country was greater.

He boldly stood against the vice of tribalism because he knew how it affected the rate of development.

Having vividly observed the repacations of such a vice in our neighbouring sister country Rwanda.

He objected coups, and dictatorial governments as it could be seen of how much he talked against the Mugabe regime on the other side of the Zambezi and the dictator across the limpompo.

Levy boldly brought out his ideas and vision both into speech and action for he understood that ideas were not to be confined within the chambers of our hearts but to be shared.

And he was lucky that other early giants of the MMD embraced his ideology.

From which we can learn so much, the spirit of standing for our ideas and the spirit of action.

It is hard really to eulogize any man not just by facts and dates, but the essential truth of one’s life, the private joys and sorrows ,the quite moments that luminate ones life.

Am not a saint he would repeatedly say like madiba his mentor. Unless you think of saint as a sinner who keeps trying to be a better self.

Such a life was fortune.

And having been given the sweep of his life, I think it’s tempting to remember Mwanawasa as an icon smiling and serene detached from tawdry affairs of lesser men.

Such a life was fortune.

And when we go to bed with our hearts burdened with the injustices and vices of our society, let us find comfort in doing the works of Levy and the words of madiba as he said “it matters not how straight the gate is and it matters not how charged the scroll the punishment I’m the captain of of my own soul and I’m the master of my own fate.

We shall never see the likes of Patrick mwanawasa.

But the sons and daughters of Zambia and Africa can learn a lot from such a life and embrace it in their various fileds of life.

long live the memory of Levy Patrick Mwanawasa.
Forever missed.

Peace to mother Zambia.

Ngiyathanda levy.

Mphumula bakataleyo Mphumula mama Maureen.

Hambakale Hambakale Hambakale.

Done: Brian Williams Himusa Chiinza.


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