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We will promote the ease of doing business- HH as he rolls out his job creation model

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The UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has rolled out his model for job creation, saying his administration will promote the enabling environment for businesses to flourish.

“Government’s role is to create an enabling environment that stimulates investment, commerce, trade, exports and all economic activities that lead to job creation.

“The unfortunate reality today is that it has become an impediment rather than an enabler. This will change,” he says.

Hichilema adds that past governments have been under the impression that jobs come from the government since it is the largest employer. But says his model is rather different, and premised on a government that must be kept lean and efficient so that more funds are available for investment rather than increased emoluments.

He says, his administration will explore the natural endowments of each region and provide capital and technical support for new investment.

He gave example of Luapula Province saying it has enormous potential for hydropower, fisheries, tourism and agriculture. Western province can become Africa’s leader is rice and.

“We will engage budding entrepreneurs and business owners to guide them towards high impact sectors such as Agriculture, Agro-Processing, Mining, Mineral processing, Manufacturing, a wide range of services and untapped sectors. There are a number of large scale anchor investors,” he adds.


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