We will politically clean John Sangwa – PF

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….. says President Lungu remains eligible to contest 2021 general elections.

John Sangwa

The governing party PF has come out strong on Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa for stating it’s leader President Edgar Lungu does not qualify to contest 2021 elections, reports Martha Banda.

PF through its Media Director Sunday Chanda says the party will politically clean Lawyer Sangwa.

This is contained in an article by the PF sponsored publication called Smart Eagle.

Chanda says the PF maintains President Lungu will be its candidate and that those against his candidature must go to court.

Sangwa a reknowed constitutional lawyer during a discussion on Friday stated that President Lungu does not qualify to contest 2021 because he has already been elected twice as provided by the constitution.

President Lungu

The prominent Lusaka lawyer said the constitution was clear about the matter saying President Lungu vying for 2021 will be seeking a third term.

Sangwa said it will be interesting to see how the Electoral Commission of Zambia will treat President Lungu’s nomination.

He also urged Zambians to ensure Bill 10 does not go through saying it will make it will make it impossible to challenge President Lungu’s nomination if he decides to file in.

Sunday Chanda

Below is the article by Smart Eagles:

RULING Patriotic Front PF Media Sunday Chanda has cautioned embattled Lusaka lawyer John Sangwa against hiding under the legal profession to propel an opposition political agenda.

Speaking at the Patriotic Front PF Interactive forum in Lusaka today, Mr Chanda told Mr Sangwa to desist from making political statements disguised as professional opinions.

The PF Media Director said the ruling Patriotic front is resolved when it comes to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s Candidature for the 2021 general elections.

“We are going to take Mr John Sangwa to the political laundry and wash him clean since he wants to be making daming political statements that are meant to discredit PF and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Chanda said that all those wishing to question President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s eligibility to contest the 2021 general elections should go to court and seek recourse.

And Mr Chanda said that it is very unfortunate that the same group of people claiming that President Lungu is not eligible to contest the 2021 general election are the ones trying to shoot down the Bill 10.


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