We will only accept contributions towards completion of hostels from those who mean well – Luo

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Higher Education Minister Proffesor Nkandu Luo says government will only accept contributions towards the completion and building of new hostels from “those who mean well.”

Responding to a question from Kafue Member of Parliament who wanted to know if government would accept contributions from members of the public towards the completion of hostels at UNZA to avert the current accommodation crisis that has hit the country’s highest learning institution Prof Luo said she would only accept money from people she knew would not disperse the government after making contributions.

Below is a verbatim of her response

Sometimes I wonder in which world some people live, Hon member this government is not broke and I want to.. I think it is very important to appreciate that even if we are playing politics there are certain responsibilities that we have as MPs and in particular that the MP who is asking this question is a former PS and she knows the systems and procedures that the public..that are followed when disbursing public money and I want to assure the honourable MPs that the government is on course and we hold a very successful alumni launch and those that have ears they heard.

Those who want to contribute will contribute am not going to be here and say can you give us some money so that I confirm your assertion. We are saying this government is going to be on course in ensuring that the hostels are completed and will ensure that those that are coming to participate come to participate with one heart and not to think that when they come to participate and then they go and disperse the government.

Speaker: will you accept financial contributions that was the question.

Prof Luo: Madam Speaker I have answered that we will accept through the alumni and those that mean well, those that I know do not mean well we will not accept their contributions.


3 Responses to We will only accept contributions towards completion of hostels from those who mean well – Luo

  1. That is foolish talk from zambian zodwa 2.

    March 16, 2018 at 3:11 pm

  2. Nkandu Luo should look for a book titled THE FADING COLOUR BAR by one Grace Keith published in 1969. For those who may not know, Grace Keith was the mother of Guy Scott. In there, there is a chapter and a picture on the crowd funding that took place in order to build UNZA. The picture shows a villager donating a chicken towards the building of the University of Zambia.The term crowd funding did not exist in 1969 but has been coined in the last decade or so to describe what is not really a new phenomenon.People are not taught any more UNZA’s humble beginnings. I do not think Nkandu Luo always remebers that UNZA is public property.

    March 16, 2018 at 5:57 pm

  3. the only public property she remembers is a brothel

    scare crow
    March 16, 2018 at 8:31 pm

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