We will not vote for PF, vow Chingola residents

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Chingola’s Soweto Township residents have vowed to vote against the governing Patriotic Front (PF) in the 2021 general elections.

The residents who are angered by the recent pronouncements by the courts and Ministry of Lands that they must vacate their homes because the Land at which they have built belongs to a private company, allegedly owned by a foreign Investor.

In an exclusive interview with Zambian Eye, the residents’ representative Martin Kabwe said there is no way the Soweto residents can make a mistake and vote for the Edgar Lungu led government back in office after numerous challenges faced under them and to make the matters worse, they have decided to chase people from their homes in order to satisfy foreign investors.

“I can say we will not move from that Land, we are more than 1000, together with our kids and families and we have no where to go. Sata allowed us to build here, now Lungu and his people here are saying we move. No it wont happen. We will die here,” Kabwe said amidst ululations from the backing residents.

He also said that government under the PF has neglected Chingola residents by auctioning Konkola Copper Mine, leaving the residents with no empowerment or employment and again come back to finish them by grabbing their land.

And several residents spoken to said they have no fear regard for the court order as their survival comes first. 
“If they want, let them come and jail us, we are ready. This land is for Zambians not those foreign investors they want to bring who just comes to exploit our people,” Sara Magwaza said.

But Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo clarified that the PF government is also against the move of throwing  the residents away. 

Addressing scores of Soweto Residents, Chibombo said they must  not to move because President Edgar Lungu would not want to see his own people suffer at the expense of an investor. Chilombo assured them that he will take the matter up and ensure the residents are protected.

Over 1 000 residents have been directed to vacate their land. This follows Ministry of Lands Northern Region Senior Lands Officer Cecilia Chivunda’s directive that they vacate the piece of land to pave way for a foreign investor.

However, the directive is silent on the fate of the Luano-Kapisha Mini Hospital and the Luano-Kapisha Police Post which government built on the disputed land that has been granted to Mapalo Quarries.

According to a letter addressed to Chingola Town Clerk by Chivunda on June 18 2019, the Soweto residents have been asked to leave and will only be provided with transport as they depart the disputed land.

But the residents say they will not comply with the directive because they have been on the disputed land for a long time and that the investor only came in recently and took them to court.

Luano Ward Development Committee Chairperson Bandwell Kapepa says the directive by the Ministry of Lands is suspicious because the people who are being threatened with eviction were not consulted.


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  1. People take things in politics this issue it is not pf involved it is the person who was given that land by the council and ministry of mines to say that place can be used as a quarry the law is clear that you can have the title to your house or farm but if minerals are found under that place you will be moved else where on compensation this law was not put by pf it has been there ever since so do not blame LUNGU it was the judge who passed that judgment no president can over rule the judge that is dictatorship he can only talk with the owners of the project or buy it from him mind you is that land approved by the council to be demarcated for housing

    July 2, 2019 at 8:11 am

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