We shall now treat you as our enemy, UPND tells Daily Mail Journalist

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Caroline Kalombe


Saturday 3rd August, 2018

LUSAKA-We have taken time to respond to Caroline Kalombe and her fellow PF propagandists planted at the Zambia Daily in order to get our facts right.

As a party, we value and respect the journalism profession. We understand the role journalist play in the scheme of things more especially so in a diminishing democratic dispensation like ours.

As a journalist working for a public media organisation, we believe Caroline Kalombe is mature enough to defend her work.

We are not shocked that Ms Kalombe, who never even attended the press briefing addressed by our party president Hakainde Hichilema, deliberately sought to twist and misrepresent what was said at the said event.

At a time that PF the UPND youth leadership have been meeting to dissolve the tension and violence in the country, we find it strange that reporter from the public media can go out of her way to fuel the mistrust and violence others are working to reduce.

We want to remind Ms Kalombe that there is always a day of reckoning and when that day comes she will stand alone.

Those people writing for you will not be there and they will deny you as the PF media director Sunday Chanda will be making an attempt to join the UPND.

We don’t know how long you have been with the Daily Mail but you must ask those you found what happened to compromised journalists like yourself from both the Daily Mail and Times of Zambia after the change of government in 2011.

The same Sunday Chanda you are working with, after having worked with some journalists in a propaganda team that called the PF founder president Michael Data as Satan, a mad man and so many other unpalatable names, was joining the PF when the journalists he was working with were being fought by the new administration.

Those you work with must understand that its that kind of reporting that has brought the Times of Zambia to where it is today.

The Zambian people are not dull to be fed with the trash you’re are writing.

As a party, the UPND is aware of your mission and the people you are working with and we shall treat you as our political enemy going forward.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all those brave journalists who tell the truth no matter who says it despite the shrinking media and political space in the country.

It is unfortunate that a young and vibrant lady like Ms Kalombe has willingly put her name on the list of inglorious journalists that have thrown their professional ethics by working as PF propagandists.

The UPND will remember you madam Caroline Kalombe.

Issued by: Trevor Mwiinde


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