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We helped PF win so It’s not a favour to give us jobs – Mike Mulongoti

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Mike Mulongoti

It is not a favour for President Michael Sata to give us jobs because we fought together to put him and the PF in power, Mike Mulongoti has said.
Mr. Mulongoti who served as Minister of Supply and MMD Elections Chairperson before he was fired however explained that he will not force the PF to give him a job.
“We went hunting with them and we killed the animal so it is not a favour to give us jobs,” Mr. Mulongoti explained when he featured on a Lusaka private owned Christian Television channel TBN’s Open Chat programme monitored by Zambian Eye Thursday night.
Mr. Mulongoti said there is no way some people within the PF can start insinuating that he and others who were not PF but helped the party win the elections were job seekers.
“If we were told that we are job seekers, chancres or they (PF) thought they were too strong and didn’t need us we were not going to join,” Mr. Mulongoti charged.
He explained that after a humiliation expulsion from MMD he together with his friend Dr. Mbita Chitala went to meet Mr. Sata and agreed that they do help the PF fight the MMD. He said they told Mr. Sata that they were not joining PF but just help it to win the elections.
Mr. Mulongoti said Mr. Sata was happy and told them to go round and campaign on radio talk shows which they did. He explained that the aim was to defeat the MMD which had become intolerant and undemocratic.
“After my humiliation expulsion I wanted to show them (MMD) that a house divided cannot stand,” he said.
He explained that they were so many people who fought together with the PF languishing in the streets and have not been recognised.
The former Minister who was instrumental together with late Ben Tentamashimba in the election of Mr. Rupiah Banda in 2008 however said he wholeheartedly supported the PF. He said he was part of the victory for PF and hence feels bad when the party is failing in some areas.
“If people you supported start crumbling you get worried,” Mr. Mulongoti said. “We are part of them and we want them to succeed.”
Mr. Mulongoti said despite him having not joined any political party he will always remain relevance to the Zambian politics and governance. He said he will support any good policies the PF will introduce and at the same time he will not shy away from speaking against the ills of the government.
Asked to comment on MMD president Nevers Mumba being turned away when he attempted to meet President Sata on Sunday at State House, Mr. Mulongoti said the matter had been brown out of proportion. He explained that Dr. Mumba just like any other person has the right to meet Mr. Sata as his president when he feels so.
On the MMD MPs appointed as Deputy Ministers in the PF government, Mr Mulongoti said President Sata needed the MPs as he will need to pass some laws in parliament. He however advised those appointed not to antagonize their political parties whose platform they used to get to parliament.


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