We have released money to pay in full all farmers-HH

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Hichilema Hakainde

Our farmers are the foundation of our economy and we are committed to strengthening and supporting them to secure our food reserves.

That is why we have today released funds to clear all debts to farmers who sold maize to the Food Reserve Agency.

They will be paid in full!

This is an important step for our farmers and an important step for Zambia and indeed an important step for food security.

God bless you all.

President Hakainde Hichilema


The Treasury has today released K667 million to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) for outstanding payments to farmers under the 2020/2021 marketing season.

Considering the K960 million released to FRA on 3 January, 2022, and K667 million released today, all outstanding payments to farmers for the 2020/2021 season have now been cleared.

Today’s action by the Treasury is significant because it represents a policy shift of the UPND Government to piroritise the agriculture sector as it presents us the best opportunity to attain growth; especially that the majority of our people, about 80 percent, are dependent on it. The sector has a relatively short gestation period with low capital requirements – both necessary in addressing poverty and vulnerability.

The Agriculture sector has for a long time faced a number of impediments to the realisation of its full potential. These include, the historical delayed payments for grains supplied to the Food Reserve Agency, which impact on the productivity of a subsequent farming season. Gladly, the matter has substantially been dealt with this month so that our farmers could focus on their fields instead of chasing their payments.

We urge the competent authority in-charge to ensure that a transparent payment system is deployed in paying our farmers, without delay.

Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, MP


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