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We have done more than any govnt can achieve in two years – Minister, Schinga

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Agriculture and Livestork Minister Bob Schinga has rated the performance of the Patriotic Front government as unprecedented in the two years the party has been in government.

The PF marked two years September 22, 2013 after coming into power in 2011 ending the twenty-year rule of the MMD party. The PF won the election that was tightly contested on the platform of creating jobs, lowering taxes and putting more money in the people’s pockets. The PF through its leader Michael Sata also promised major changes within 90 days of being in office.

Discussing the two years of the PF government, Schinga said PF performance could not be compared to any previous administration. He claims that the PF has performed so well the last two years.

“We have done more than any government can achieve in two years,” said Schinga.

Schinga cited Agriculture saying the sector was more organized and would massively help to boast the country’s economic growth. He explained that the PF government has recapitalized the Nitrogen Chemical Plant which was abandoned by the MMD government.

The Minister of Agriculture explained that the Nitrogen Chemical Plant is now in full operations adding that this year it will supply all the basal dressing fertilizer needed which was imported during the previous administration. He said as a result of revamping the Plant a number of jobs have been created and fertilizer has been delivered on time for the first time.

Schinga bragged that the PF was a working government. He said the President was busy commissioning many developmental projects such as construction of Roads, Health centres and Universities around the country. He said the PF will dot the country with Health posts that will help citizens to have quality health care close to their homes.

“Development is not an event, it is not a one thing. It is a process, we have started and know where we want to take the country,” explained Schinga.

On the removal subsidizes, he insisted that the decision was good saying it benefited the mines to a large extent while the intended people remained in poverty without basic facilities. He said a lot of money went to subsidy, a consumption instead of going into production.

He said the Mines were the major consumer of fuel and the PF government could not continue subsidizing the fuel at the expense of the poor majority Zambians. He also said that the exercise was unsustainable.

The Minister said the resources from subsidies have been diverted towards infrastructure development and help peasant farmers to grow crops. He said the government is now helping farmers which will in turn see the country as food basket in the region.

Schinga said the storage of grain was being worked on to ensure that food does not go to waste. He said rehabilitations of Grain storage was going on while new storage facilities were being constructed across the country.

He said the PF government will want to have farm produce stored in districts where they are produced and only to move to a certain area when they is need.

Schinga said this when he featured on a ZNBC Sunday Interview Television Programme on September 22, 2013.


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