We had to open the Court at 02:00hrs to secure Lungu’s candidature – KBF

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PF dropped Deputy Chairman for Elections Kelvin Bwalya Fube has reveal that he and some PF officials had to woke up the Judge at 03:00hrs to secure the candidature of Edgar Lungu.


Justifying the sacrafice he has made to ensure the PF and Edgar Lungu remained in power, KBF said they had to open the High Court at 02:00hrs in 2015 to submit an application for an injunction to block Guy Scott and his team from proceeding with the convention in Kabwe.


KBF has vowed that he will not leave the party he has helped to be in government despite the moves being advanced to push him out. He has also said that there is nothing wrong for any member to aspire for the PF presidency.

Read the whole narrative below as capturedcaptured by Lulumbi Nakazwe of The Mast Newspaper.

KELVIN Bwalya Fube says there is nothing wrong with any member of the Patriotic Front to have presidential ambitions.


And KBF, the recently fired PF deputy chairperson for elections, says he will not leave the party despite being removed from his position.


Meanwhile, the Lusaka lawyer who fought so hard for President Edgar Lungu’s adoption as PF presidential candidate in the January 2015 election after Michael Sata’s death recalled how he and others woke up a judge at 03:00am to get the orders they wanted.


KBF has also asked PF chairperson for elections Jean Kapata to apologise for calling him a rebel “before things get personal”.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, which was streamed live on Radio Christian Voice, KBF said it was sad that most leaders in the party were scared of telling President Lungu the truth.


President Lungu on Sunday accused KBF, Chishimba kambwili and others calling for elections from top to bottom in the PF of having presidential ambitions.


“A leader at every level is allowed to have ambition for promotion, for leadership, for anything. To say that people who are having ambitions are rebels is wrong. There is nothing wrong with having ambition. The kind of ambition which is wrong is that selfish ambition where you have to discredit other people, hate other people, kill others in order for you to achieve your goal. That is not proper ambition. But ambition on its own is not wrong. If anybody is in Cabinet today and doesn’t want to be president, then what kind of a leader are you?” KBF said.


“If anybody in the rank and file of PF doesn’t want to be a chairman at a ward, district, constituency or a minister, then why are you in the party? There is nothing wrong with having ambition. So if anybody says they want to stand in 2021, there is nothing wrong, as long as you don’t disturb the current president. That is not your time; it’s his time to rule. Leave him alone and I am not trying to open a Pandora’s box here, I am only trying to say, we should also think of building tomorrow’s leaders. Our President, this is his last term, he has reached his pinnacle, what other office would you want to hold after president? Let’s be serious. If tomorrow the President says bane ninaka (I am tired) and he doesn’t want to help us, what are we going to do? You cannot force him. I have no selfish ambition.”


He said he was worried about the kind of leadership that was in the PF.


“Honourable Jean Kapata, my chairperson, called me a rebel. I asked you sitting here and those of you listening to me, a person who has done so much for the party; and these are just a few things I am counting here in recent past. How can I rebel? Rebel against who? You create something and help usher it into office, you start damaging it and fighting it? I am not that kind of a person. First of all, I am a lawyer and a gentleman; now I am also a lawyer and a politician. Some of you may know that as lawyers, before you take your oath of office to practice, you take what we call an oath of allegiance,” KBF said.


“You swear to uphold the law, Constitution and your allegiance to the President. President Edgar Lungu is a lawyer and he understands that oath of office. Even before PF, my loyalty is to the Presidency which is being held by President Lungu today. How can I be doubted today? How can somebody call me a rebel? I am rebelling against who? Edgar Chagwa Lungu? For what? I ask honourable Kapata, what has President Lungu done to me for me to rebel against him? You are on social media; you saw the statement I had posted. Why did I make such a statement? Did I just dream about it?”


He said he issued the statement because Kapata, on March 3, wrote a letter to all provincial, district and constituency and ward chairmen that the central committee meeting which was held on November 28 2015 had resolved to suspend provincial elections until after the 2016 general elections.


KBF said he was shocked when PF secretary general Davies Mwila issued a memo on November 21, 2016 asking the party structures to submit the registers for all newly elected members from ward, constituency, district and provincial committees for the party’s records when the party did not have elections.


“She may have forgotten. I am a lawyer. My training is to advise and keep records. My statement calling for elections came after the general elections. What have I done wrong? That is why I said we need to have elections from top to bottom? The term top to bottom has been twisted deliberating by some people as to mean I am calling for the office of the President to be examined via a convention, no! That is not what I meant. And anybody who knows history will know that we have already had a convention for the president,” said KBF while displaying two copies of letters that Kapata and Mwila wrote.


“I am not asking that we put to test the candidature of the President. Anybody trying to mislead the nation has got ulterior motives which I don’t have. What I meant from top to bottom was from central committee. The current central committee members were elected by late president Michael Sata. Their tenure of office is five years. Five years has run, it is finished. So, this current central committee cannot be in office. Let’s not bring the President into this. I am asking honourable Jean Kapata to apologise to me. I am asking her to be magnanimous enough and apologise to me.”


He said he had demonstrated loyalty to the Patriotic Front.


“Why are we bringing the President here? So that we can go and shield ourselves in the presidency and tell the President lies…that they are fighting you? Who is fighting the President? I am not. Jean Kapata can fire me but she cannot call me a rebel. I demand an apology from her because she doesn’t these things will get personal. Why am I going to be called a rebel? She should apologise. I am not a rebel. If people are fighting the President, I am not one of them. If people are vying for positions, I am not one of them. Even without a position, I work. Anyone who knows my relationship with president Michael Sata will tell you. I didn’t need a position for me to work,” KBF said.


“To be called a rebel when you know what you have done for the party hurts. Honourable Kapata had no right to call me a rebel. I challenge her and on a personal note…there is a law student here who is her niece, she called me as her vice chair and younger brother to help her niece who needs to be trained as a lawyer. Usually, I interview my lawyers before taking them on; I didn’t interview this one because Jean asked me. That’s the kind of relationship we had, I am not going to fire this girl. That is not how I work. She will be here and she will work unless she leaves on her own.”


He said he did not ask President Lungu for him even after helping him get an adoption for the January 2015 election.


“I know of certain colleagues of mine in the PF in leadership positions who will not do anything unless the President gives them money. We should change our style of leadership. If the President has no money to give you to run the party, can’t you find it? For me ‘well done, thank you’ is enough. I don’t go lining up for money from the President. There are people out there who claim that I am fighting to be secretary general, that I am fighting to have this or that position, I have not applied for any job,” KBF claimed.


“If the President decides to appoint me, so be it. If he doesn’t find it necessary, so be it. That is the kind of person I am. I take things as they come. But I am not going to cry just because I don’t have a position. I want to thank President Lungu, I have read today’s papers and he is saying that we will go for a convention at an appointed time. I thank him. Let’s not deliberately take things out of context just because you want to sing praises to the President even at the expense of deceiving him. I would rather tell the President the truth and leave it there because that is what advice is. The problem with some of our leaders in the party is that they are scared of telling the President the truth because maybe they are eating. What about the masses on the ground? This is a pro-poor party. We need to help them.”


He wondered why most PF leaders were selfish, adding that the style of leadership in the party needed to change.


“We must be able to go to the President and say this is against the party Constitution. Don’t be scared to advise. If you are a leader and you are scared to give advice, then you are not worthy holding the position that you hold. I have maintained my position on the 14 independent MPs. We cannot say that areas where they elected an independent MP will not see development. They are also Zambians and they deserve development. My secretary general Mwila is on record stating that the people calling for elections are trying to get into positions via back door. Calling for elections is the most legitimate way of getting into office. The last time I checked, using a back door meant a coup,” KBF said.


“Let me ask the secretary general, if calling for elections is using the back door to get into office, then what is the legitimate way? Let him answer that. A lot of people hold this view. It’s just that they are not courageous enough to say what I am saying. Leadership is not determined by the position that you hold. Leadership is influence. If I can influence the PF, I don’t need a position. You can give me five titles but if I am not functioning, then I am useless. If you cannot inspire, then you are not a leader. We should not be scared of elections. There is no one who is going to stay in office illegitimately just because ‘I have just arrived’. If your term of office is over, it is over.”


He vowed never to leave the PF, saying he had a thicker skin than people thought.


“This party I have helped to build to where it is. My efforts cannot go in vain. If I need to stand on the sidelines and say that will not work, it will not work. I will not go, no! The word no is also important. If you think having headlines against me will make me leave the party, then think again. I will not leave. I am not a quitter. Right now if somebody says get back your position as vice chairperson for elections, I will say no because my relationship with Jean Kapata has broken down. If Kapata has got issues with Kambwili, she must not mix Kambwili with me. My names are Kelvin Bwalya Fube,” KBF said.


Meanwhile, KBF revealed how the PF managed to secure President Lungu’s candidature after Sata’s death.


“We fought this battle, I was not a member of the central committee, I was not a member of Cabinet at that time but I chaired central committee because members of the central committee were not lawyers. They didn’t understand what was going on.  Willie Nsanda was sitting on my right, ba Samuel Mukupa on my left at all times. Members who attended the central committee include a Mr. Mwale in Luapula, ba Chali in Central Province, the PS now at the Ministry of Defence Stardy Mwale, he was Copperbelt Provincial chairman at the time, ba Nkandu Luo joined us, my own minister who has dropped me now, Jean Kapata, was always on me asking ‘what time are we going to meet, what are we going to do?’” KBF recalled.


“I am mentioning all these names so that you understand that they always used to sit in front of me and we would discuss every clause of the Constitution so that we understood what the powers of central committee were in an interim period such as the one we were in. I spent my time, effort and knowledge as a lawyer to educate central committee members who didn’t understand their own constitution so that they know they had power to go against Guy Scott.”


He said he was in the forefront of ensuring that everything went well for President Lungu before the 2015 elections.


“By the time we were getting to Mulungushi, we were ready. We knew the Constitution at the fingertips. We knew every clause. People like ba Chisenga and ba Mwale in Luapula and Mr. Chali in Central Province were spokespersons. When we decided against all odds that we were going to expel Guy Scott from the party, ba Chali read the statement, signed by all central committee members because then they realized they had power to do that. We went to Cool Breeze Lodge and Guy Scott was dropped. It was that pressure that forced Guy Scott to come back and say ‘okay let’s agree’. I went into the relationship because I want you to understand that there was a relationship between me and honourable Kapata, which I never doubted, not for one moment,” KBF said.


“We came back from Mulungushi, the President’s candidature was secured at the time. They ran back to Lusaka, me and my security detail decided we were tired…let’s rest. We wanted to sleep in Kabwe after the convention. At exactly 20:21 hours, I received a phone call from Kaizar Zulu, ‘Counsel, where are you. We have landed at Lewanika, the president wants you here.’ I was like ‘what is the problem?’ He said ‘emergency.’ We didn’t sleep; we drove like mad. One and a half hours, we were at Lewanika. The President called a meeting and he said ‘These guys are going ahead with their convention tomorrow, we have just had a convention, and we need an injunction.”


He said he had sacrificed a lot for the party for anyone to expect him to leave.


“Myself, the legal advisor to the President, Tutwa Ngulube, and my young brother Bokani Soko…from Mulungushi, I didn’t go home. I sent a one sentence message to my wife, ‘I am not coming home, I am needed.’ She wanted to ask questions, I simply said ndelala ku office (I will sleep at the office). We worked the whole night, we had no secretaries. We were doing one little finger at a time. We are men but at least we can type. By 02:00 hours, the papers were ready. We had to start calling people to open the High Court. We opened the High Court at 03:00 hours and we rushed there. People were leaving their wives and children to open the High Court. We had to find the judge,” KBF narrated.


“We found ourselves knocking on the door of the judge at 04:00 hours in the morning. By 05:00 hours, the judge had read and signed the documents. At exactly 10 minutes to 06:00 hours, I was delivering the injunction to the President at his home. The President then said, ‘This injunction has to reach Mulungushi so that we stop the convention.’ I knew who the commissioner was in the second convention. He was my classmate. I called him and told him, ‘You are the Commissioner, I am WhatsApping a message.’ I took a picture of the injunction and I told him ‘I have an injunction, if you go ahead with that, you are my friend but I will have you arrested, it will be contempt’. He understood.”

He said at that time, Dr Scott and others were putting pressure to proceed with the convention.


“Anthony Kasolo, Guy Scott and others were on the other side applying pressure to have that convention go ahead. He tactfully said it will go ahead but I will not announce the results. At 21:00 hours, I was at Lewanika with the President, he told me ‘I hear this convention has gone on’ and I said ‘The commissioner said because of the pressure, he will hold the convention but will not declare the winner’ because  the declaration, there is no winner and that is exactly what he did. I was watching him on TV with the President and that is what he did. They walked out of there without a declaration so they couldn’t have a candidate,” narrated KBF.


The Mast Newspaper


19 Responses to We had to open the Court at 02:00hrs to secure Lungu’s candidature – KBF

  1. KBF,where was Edgar ‘the lawyer’??? they used you because you are smart.. Never mind, they will remember you on their way down!! You are a lawyer and Jean is a nurse. PLEASE tell us more….

    December 28, 2016 at 8:15 pm

    • Maman – When did KBF become smart?

      December 29, 2016 at 5:08 pm

  2. KBF is talking too much. It is clear he has not been long in politics. You do not burn the bridge after crossing it. What happens when you are chased where you are going? Wont you need the bridge on your way back? The best KBF can do at present is too reflect on what went wrong with his strategies. He is sounding like a bitter man. Unfortunately PF is a club and any club has rules, some written others unwritten. KBF has crossed the line.This view that PF belonged to Sata or bembas is what will kill this party. Why do people continue to refer to Sata every time they are being disciplined? Sata is dead and right the one who is ruling PF is Lungu. The quicker people like KBF know this the better it will be for them. From the statements that have come out of the mouth of KBF so far, you can see the man is up to no good. To me it is good riddance. The next guy they should suspend or discipline is Kambwili.

    Chikomera Galu Kuluma Mbuzi
    December 28, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    • i dont think KBF has done anything wrong. Is it wrong to ask for a convention when the current leadership’s tenure of office is expired? Five years has passed and they must go for the convention to elect new office bearers.

      December 29, 2016 at 8:54 pm

  3. So it is possible to wake up a Judge at an odd hour and open the High Court at night, outside hours!!!!
    And the UPND petition was closed because it was timed out!!!
    And Judge Chitabo stopped court proceedings on the UPND petition because UPND cadres and Zambia Police were engaged in a push and pull game outside the court premises?? Not inside court! Outside the court fence in the street!! Where did PF cadres camp at one time and the police just watched?? Shaa!! My country! That is how you nurture conflict – civil wars baba!! That is how you create wars!!
    Zambians, what is wrong with our leaders!!
    With these double standards it will not be surprising to one day have another “Gambia”.
    This is embarrassing and annoying. Am not partisan. Am a concerned citizen. I also vote whenever the opportunity is availed.

    Leadership is a serious matter
    December 28, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    • Understand the contexts first before you ignorantly comment.

      December 29, 2016 at 5:11 pm

      • Misplaced comment.
        There are very interesting revelations here.
        KBF decided to blow it off.
        Now everybody is wondering how compromised the judiciary has become. Serving at any time on demand by the rulers.
        Is that what you call independence of the judiciary?
        Can they serve anybody at any time on demand?
        Are we wrong to be surprised?

        January 2, 2017 at 5:06 pm

  4. Thank you KBF.
    You are a smart lawyer. But could you have pulled those fast ones if you were in an opposition party?? I doubt it. You probably could have ended up being arrested by the police for trespassing the judges’ residence!
    The high court would never have been opened at that odd hour!! You would have been shot at by security for trying to break into the high court at an odd hour! That is what our beautiful country has come to!
    KBF, you were highly facilitated!!

    Leadership is a serious matter
    December 28, 2016 at 10:34 pm

  5. KBF has given Zambians useful information which shows how Lungu started Rigging Elections.He rigged the 2015 Presidential by-election and he Rigged the 2016 Elections. Lungu has used uncouth tactics to block the UPND Petetion in Concourt and now High Court. At Concourt Lungu used the same corrupt Night Judge he used at Mulungushi. The Petition is alive and the Election Riggers are fighting over the carcass. As they say “U live by the Sword and U die by the Sword”. Lungu’s political career will end badly.SADC for once should call for a Summit to deal with Election Disputes in DRC and Zambia b4 u have a crisis. Ecowas is being pro-active on Gambia and SADC must emulate Ecowas and find a solution in DRC and Zambia b4 u have chaos.In Zambia SADC should insist on the Petetion being heard and determined by a Nuetral Tribunal. The corrupt and Night Judges at Concourt have shown that they are biased. SADC should not wait until people start being killed in Zambia by a wounded Lungu. Whatever happens Lungu will have a torrid 2017 with the Petition haunting him and his own PF clamouring for Leadership Renewal. The Zambian economy is stupid and on a free fall. Which way illegitimate Lungu?

    December 29, 2016 at 4:53 am

  6. Ifwe Moya there is no crisis in Zambia, SADC,EU and AU observers have declared the elections free and fair. When ECL was declared the winner there were massive celebrations in Lusaka and the Copperbelt the only place people rioted was in Southern Province. SADC are not as dull as you HH worshippers they saw the results 58 Mps vs over 85 and 3.5 Provinces vs 6.5 and to put the cherry on the icing Upnd were given 14 days to present evidence in the Concourt but instead of doing that they kept on raising preliminary issues. Some of us were there not even one piece of evidence was presented and today you want to say you were not heard?? .Sorry losers and for your own information the Petition elapsed and what is at the High Court is HH challenging his right to be heard. ECL is President till 2021 like him or not that’s the reality

    December 29, 2016 at 5:36 am

    • Uli tole sana cikala iwe and you are one of the most qualified morons in Zambian like your Edgar Lungu. Much as you support your f.oolish president, HH won the elections and his victory was just stolen by your kachasu drunkard. SADC is a toothless organization which just need to be banned because it’ s serving no purpose. If ECOWAS was here, Edgar Lungu would not have been president. Just check closely Baba, almost all the countries in the SADC region are ruled by dictators who keep electing themselves into the presidency. That’ s what makes the organization weak because of these dictators like M7, Fossil Mugabe, Kagame and so on who are your f.oolish president’ s mentors.

      Mbesuma Bridge Mulilansolo
      December 29, 2016 at 5:51 am

  7. Is ECOWAS led by a Tonga?

    Percy Ntema
    December 29, 2016 at 7:53 am

  8. You are ripping what you sowed. No sympathy for you. You worked against the Zambian people to do evil but now it has all turned against you. You are not the only one to pay, but all that were involved will reap what they sowed. Kambwili also crying. It is just a matter of time!!

    December 29, 2016 at 8:55 am

  9. Very soon it will be Inonge Wina. Who ever is involved in swindling the Zambian people wont live to enjoy the proceeds of those sinister schemes. Mark my word!!

    December 29, 2016 at 8:59 am

  10. no matter what you do one day the truth shall come out okay

    December 29, 2016 at 9:16 am

  11. Ba KBf mwampapusha. Calling yourself a gentleman yet you went to woke up your puppet judge at 02 hours. Is there anything gentle in that croockedness?

    December 29, 2016 at 4:29 pm

  12. You swear to uphold the law and wake up a Judge at 03:00hrs is that not discrediting your oath????? Question

    December 30, 2016 at 9:55 am

  13. Wasn’t this KBF involved with the “Samuel Chavula” Ugandan guy manipulating figures at Mulungushi ECZ elections totalling centre? If so why does he ask for justice and fairness from others when he facilitated the dribbling of the voters wishes.

    Does he think justice only should apply when it suits him?

    I am not celebrating what his fellow criminals have done to him but I would urge people like him to try and be honest in future as one never knows when the tables get turned against oneself.

    The corruption and crookedness he has been perpetuating is now “consuming ” him and he deserves no mercy.

    December 31, 2016 at 8:45 pm

  14. Whatever goes around comes back around. This is exactly what you planted & now you crying like a baby & not like your claim (lawyer) To z rest who are still in z system & that time hasn’t just yet come. I say its just a matter of time!

    lisilo john
    January 1, 2017 at 8:39 pm

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