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How do we rig? We are using same electoral system left by MMD – PF

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The ruling Patriotic Front in Lusaka has said it is still using the same electoral system left by opposition MMD.

Commenting on MMD accusations that it has decided not to take part in future elections until the Electoral Commission of Zambia – ECZ is transformed due to massive rigging, the PF says nothing has changed.

Lusaka province PF chairperson explained that the same system left by MMD is the one being used. He said the MMD should not blame the PF because it is the same system they left that is being used.

The PF says they have not even changed the staff at the country’s Electoral Commission saying the people conducting elections were employed by the MMD government. It is the same system that the PF emerged victors in the last elections ending the 20-year-rule of MMD, the PF says.

PF says MMD must not blame PF if they did not put in place an electoral system that they feel guarantees a free and fair election.



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