We are the fastest growing political party, giving our competitors sleepless nights – Rainbow

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Rainbow Party Southern province Chairman Leonard Siachona has disclosed that Rainbow Party is currently the fastest-growing political party in the Country with a disciplinarian and principled leader in Wynter Kabimba as its President.

Siachona told SKY FM News today, April 21 that Rainbow Party was spreading its tentacles throughout the country’s ten provinces within a short period following its formation.

He disclosed that the people of Zambia were confident of joining the party after having seen and believed that they would add value into the ‘people-centred’ ideas that the party believed in.

Siachona disclosed that Rainbow is today larger than other political parties that were formed before it adding that other few parties which were formed before 16th December have gone into oblivion but Rainbow party was already making the ruling party and other major opposition parties having sleepless nights.

Siachona disclosed that Rainbow party was providing proper checks and balances to the ruling party which he alleged was governing the country using common sense.

He disclosed that the party is growing and it is growing every day and across the ten provinces adding that Rainbow party was the first political party in 23 years that has been formed and has spread tentacles in terms of membership in the ten provinces at the same time.”

Siachona disclosed that the party was sending a very clear programme to the Zambian people in the area of corruption, health care, education and agriculture.

He disclosed that Rainbow was laying down very clear policies that were going to abide by and was positive that the Zambian people will buy into these policies and vote for the party in 2016.

He said Rainbow would embrace all well-meaning individuals who wished to participate in the democratic process of the country, including foreigners resident in Zambia.

He added that Rainbow has stated very clearly in its constitution that it will bring together the 73 tribes of Zambia and also include all the racial minority groups.

Siachona further observed that PF policies in the governance of the Country has been inconsistencies that has been witnessed in the government over the recent months are evidence that the PF was running the country using common sense.

He added that the PF has clearly abandoned its manifesto and kept on referring to legacy Of Michael Sata in play.

He disclosed that what people were seeing today arises out of the fact that PF has abandoned its manifesto and has gotten into an alliance with a faction of the MMD which will not help the ruling party,

Siachona urged all Zambians to unite and be true patriots of our land and redeem this country from its current status.

He stressed that It was unacceptable for this country to be rated as the poorest country in Africa when we have so much wealth in minerals and natural resources.



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