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We are on right track – PF

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A committee for mobilisation in the ruling party – Patriotic Front today issued the following statement saying President Edgar Lungu is on the right track

Even amidst heavy critisism from the opposition political party’s the PF Government under HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu is doing a very commendable job for the people of Zambia.

In mitigating the loss of jobs on the Copperbelt the President has announced a robust long term recovery plan. On 3,000 retrenched miners and created over 10,000 new job opportunities Logically the 3000 miners that lost their jobs will be swallowed in the 10,000 new jobs created.

Besides that the ZNS have been directed to clean a large chunk of land in the Copperbelt where retrenched miners would embark on farming.

Furthermore there are other capital projects on board in road rehabilitation and water sectors, people will get jobs in the 400km local road network on the Copperbelt.

To cushion itself on revenue, the government has put in place certain measures like freezing new projects, meaning that the government now will concentrate on the already ongoing infrastructure projects, the president further directed th ZRA to up their tax collection system and compliance, this will guarantee adequate resources to all government development agenda.

At a glance one would clearly see that the announcement the president made has drastically built investors’ confidence, this investor confidence may see the gaining of the kwacha over the dollar, intact the youths in the nation have been inspired by the recovery plan saying that it is now or never for all PF youths across the country to start sensitizing fellow youth in their neighborhood, this has motivated the PF youths.

As National Mobilisation Committee we would like to thank H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu for unfolding such a wonderful and intelligent recovery plan for the government, we therefore appeal to all meaning PF members and citizenry of Zambia to take advantage of the recovery plan to strengthen their Mobilization on the grounds because it has really made mobilisation and sensitisation easy, so let’s all support the PF move as the government implements its recovery plan.

In picture: the top one from left Mr Nigel Mpakateni ,deputy chair person, Mr Paul Moonga chair man, Mr Kelvin Mayondi secretary and Mr Kumalinga



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